CAVITATOR is a supplier of professional cleaning equipment for fish farms, shipping and offshore. All our solutions are produced according to customer’s specifications.CAVITATOR places great emphasis on quality, training and service. We offer high pressure machines from 100 bar and up to 250 bar, and we have over 15 different models in our product range. CAVITATOR Net Cleaner for fish farming.

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İstasyon Mah. İstasyon Cad. Koza 1 Evleri G-Blok No:1 , TUZLA , Istanbul 34940 Turkey

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Agriculture - Aquaculture
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Internationally (various countries)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Diversity owned by CAVITATOR device, fish farms, tankers, starting from the ship's hull as offshore facilities, bulk cargo ships, small boats, engines and the boat as well as water purification and dispensing plant underwater and above-water portion of offshore oil and gas platforms, deep sea gas and oil channels, anchorages, docks, piers, open piers, are quite different facilities such as terminals in terms of high quality and be cleaned quickly in  SZR Maritime LTD. providing ample opportunities to business partners that work together. Be desired can be used in all areas of CAVITATOR system and the reliability of these systems, thanks to features that enable portability and ease of use not only in flat and large surfaces but also different types of hard curved area to be reached, origin and cleaning pollution in thickness can be achieved with very high productivity levels.

For this reason, unique CAVITATOR equipment, like the world underwater maintenance, water treatment and distribution, as oil and gas production and also marine vehicles approved by a company's REFERENCES AND REPORTS interested in business activities; advanced productivity they are used every moment, reveals excellent results, such as cost efficiency and environmental safety.

SZR Maritime LTD. employees that professional approach combined with unique and innovative CAVITATION own technology and equipment, water creates great opportunities for working partners and customers together in ensuring the reduction of the time and material costs for the six jobs and be satisfied substantially the quality of the services provided as a result .