Cereal Research Centre

The Cereal Research Centre deals with genetics, genetic improvement, breeding and agronomy of cereals for human and animal consumption, with particular attention to the aspects related to the resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses, the sustainability of cultivation and the quality of products in relation to the cereal chain, differentiation of selections depending on the needs of diffe rent traditional and industrial uses,care and maintenance of collections of cereal varieties suitable for the cultivation in the Mediterranean area for the preservation and enhancement of biodiversity.

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S.S. 673, km 25,200 , FOGGIA , 71122 Italy

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Research institute
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Agriculture - Agriculture Science and Research
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Internationally (various countries)

In 1919 the National Institute of Cereal Genetic established an experimental site, the “Phytotechnical Station of Apulia” in Foggia at the farm “Manfredini”.

With its land endowment, the Phytotechnical Station started an activity based on the multiplication and conservation in purity of the new wheat genotypes released by Prof. Nazareno Strampelli in Rieti. Later, an intense program of genetic improvement of durum wheat was activated, still representing a point of reference for Italian cereal breeding.

StrampelliWith the D.P.R. n. 1318, issued on 23th November 1967, it was established the Experimental Institute for Cereal Research with Headquarter in Rome, that institutionally had to perform 'studies and researches on the genetics of cereals, constitution of varieties of wheat, corn, rice and minor cereals, and improvement of agricultural management'. As a result of the reform, the Phytotechnical Station was turned into a Section of the Experimental Institute for Cereal Research with the main mission of promoting the breeding of durum wheat and other cereal species.

veduta-aerea del CentroIn 1975 the new buildings were inaugurated and the Section moved to the present structures with an adjoining farm area of 145 hectares, of which 20,500 mq of buildings used as offices, business facilities and laboratories.

In August 2007, following the implementation of the reorganization plan of the Agricultural Research Council, the Section of Foggia of the Experimental Institute for Cereal Research was turned to the actual Cereal Research Centre.