Seed potato production equipment, computer controlled phytotrons, any variety, disease free tubers harvest every 60 days for initial field planting without a greenhouse 4000 tubers per square meter per year little water, energy, without use of pesticides, insecticides, up to 45 days braking dormancy AstroTubersTM very little maintenance after the original set up, return on investment in the third year

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N77W24677 Century CT. , Sussex , 53089 Wisconsin, USA

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Agriculture - Crop Cultivation
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Globally (various continents)


CETS LLC (Controlled Environment Technology System)

offers an seed potato technology that promises increases in yields and profits.

We are a U.S. company registered in Madison, Wisconsin incorporated in September 2004. CETS sells controlled environment phytotron technology worldwide to the potato industry which depends on a constantly renewed supply of high quality planting material. CETS phytotrons are used for production of disease free AstroTubers™ (potato minitubers), commonly called minitubers, which rundefinedepresent the first generation of seed potatoes from disease free tissue culture plantlets of existing or newly improved potato varieties.

We have designed, developed, fabricated and are selling Controlled Environment phytotron technology to seed potato growers all over the world.

Our technology provides for rapid introduction of seed supplies of potato varieties or expands existing supplies to the worldwide commercial industry that depends on a constantly renewed supply of high quality planting material.

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