Chapmans is an established manufacturer of wear-resistant components and general-purpose hard facings that is proud to be based in the Steel City of Sheffield. Our heritage dates back much further than this, however. Our factory building is steeped in history, the foundation stone having being laid laid in March 1945 by Lady Riverdale of the well-known local family of entrepreneurs. The company as we know it today came into being by acquisitions and mergers of several famous agricultural concerns. We are located at Club Mill Road, the traditional home of Hattersley and Ridge, but have also integrated the historic names of Tyzack Sons and Turner, Parkins and Spaffords. In more recent times we have acquired Richland Engineering and embarked upon a period of rapid and sustained growth, particularly in export markets.

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Club Mill Road , Neepsend , Sheffield S6 2FH United Kingdom

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Innovative engineering, unrivalled component performance

Our commitment to quality is the cornerstone and driving force behind our business. By sourcing the highest quality steel grades and retaining full control of the heat treatment process, we are able to push the boundaries of durability and produce extremely robust components with optimum hardness and extended wear life. Rigorous finishing processes result in a product that is a benchmark for the industry.

Working in partnership with machinery manufacturers we provide them with a competitive advantage by utilising their agricultural knowledge and our manufacturing ingenuity to provide innovative and bespoke solutions.

We can accommodate new products into our production process with ease and retain a technical backup of all designs. By keeping a strict control of costs we provide a consistent and competitive pricing model that offers exceptional value.

Chapmans utilise their vast experience combined with engineering know-how and investment in innovative processes, backed by exacting quality control, to manufacture agricultural wear parts of exceptional durability.

Our mission is to be Europe’s leading supplier of advanced wear-resistant components with exceptional quality and performance. Our core company values of hard work, investment in new technologies and problem solving philosophy has enabled an unparalleled growth rate since the company’s inception.

Total commitment to research and development enables our business partners to face the future with confidence, in a rapidly changing and increasingly competitive environment. Our customers can rest assured knowing they are working with a financially secure and long established partner who understands the needs of OEMs.

As the preferred supplier to many of Europe’s leading manufacturers we now have Chapmans representatives based in France, Poland, Germany, Spain and Italy, supporting our manufacturing headquarters in Sheffield.

By using only high quality raw material from approved suppliers, component production sets out on the best possible path. Incoming deliveries of chrome boron and high carbon spring steel grades are always supported by test certificates showing the exact chemical composition, allowing us to determine the optimum heat treatment techniques and soak times for the individual cast.

All production batches are checked for hardness levels and dimensional accuracy by our team of Quality Inspectors, and our on-site laboratory equipment ensures that components possess the required micro-structures for the environments in which they are used.

Accredited to BS EN ISO 9001:2008, our up-to-the-minute quality management system enables us to continuously monitor the effectiveness and efficiency of our manufacturing processes.

Together with a strict programme of planned and preventative maintenance, our dedicated Quality Assurance Manager ensures that our processes are in line with industry best practice and improved whenever and wherever possible.

Meticulous design processes guarantee the same characteristics as your original sample, drawings or design brief.

Where improvements to the original brief are required, these are confirmed in advance and agreed by means of a Signed Approved Drawing.

Our press tooling is produced in-house by a full team of experienced graduate-qualified engineers whose expertise includes tooling design, metals forming, 3D modelling software, fabrication and assembly, new product development and project management.

All designs are received and produced in the strictest confidence. We safeguard manufacturers’ intellectual property and business by retaining their designs for the production and supply of parts exclusively to them.

Whether you require the smallest flail or a fully assembled fabrication, you can be confident that we will handle your order with the utmost professionalism.  Our reputation for engineering excellence and commitment to Total Quality is our principal strength such that rejection rates for core products continue to fall year on year.

Please ask our Sales Team for further details on Consignment Stock Agreements or forecasting systems which we operate with many of our Key Accounts.  We are here to help and advise no matter how seasonal or unpredictable your demand pattern may be.

In house manufacturing facilities include: Tooling Making & Design, CNC Machining, Laser Cutting, Full Heat Treatment, Fabrication & Welding, Hard Facing and Forging.