Chattanooga Trailer and Rental in Tennessee to find Strick, Evans, Jet, Direct Trailer, Kalyn Siebert, Hank trailers, Reinke, Heil, Cargo Express and P & T utility trailers. Customers in and around Chattanooga, TN, can buy utility and equipment trailers or rent storage and container trailers. Trust us for new and used trailers as well as rental and leasing services. Browse all of the commercial trailers we have for sale including storage vans, OTR vans, storage reefers, grain trailers, hopper bottoms, log trailers, flatbeds, cargo vans, equipment trailers, lowboys, schnabel, windmill, blade, drop decks and dump trailers. Contact our semi trailer sales team to purchase a flatbed, storage, enclosed or container trailer, lowboy, drop deck, dump or cargo trailer. We also carry grain trailers, hopper bottoms, and hopper trailers. Remember that we also offer trailers for rent from our Tennessee dealership.

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7445 Lee Highway , Chattanooga , Tennessee 37421 USA

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Chattanooga Trailer & Rental, Inc. was started in 1974 by Robert C. Mowery and Michael T. Karam.  Since its inception CTR has functioned as a truck and trailer sales and service facility.  In 1976 Mr. Karam decided to leave CTR and start another company of his own. Mr. Mowery purchased Mr. Karam's share of the company.

In the fall of 1977 CTR began leasing trailers to customers in the Chattanooga area.  Since that time CTR's lease fleet has grown to well over 300 trailers.  Mike Mowery was hired in 1979 to become office and leasing manager.  Mike still handles the company's leasing services and also manages the service department.  CTR's shop facilities have grown over the years to include three full size service bays equipped to handle 53ft trailers and four exterior doors set up to perform interior service on van and reefer trailers.

In the early 1980's Bob Mowery felt the need to diversify the company to include long haul trucking due to the economy.  Steve Mowery was hired in 1985 to manage the trucking division because of his experience at Southwest Motor Freight.  The trucking fleet grew to include ten trucks and drivers by the late 1980's.  In 1991 Bob Mowery decided to separate the trucking and the sales unit into two separate corporations.  These units operated independently until 2003 when the trucking corporation ceased operations.

Kevin Mowery was hired in 1993 to manage the safety and maintenance of the trucking operation.  In 2000 Kevin transitioned over to the sales corporation to become sales manager.  In 2005 Steve Mowery transitioned to the sales corporation also.  Steve now covers East Tennessee for the company while Kevin covers Middle Tennessee and North Georgia.