Christiaens Group is a manufacturer of technologies for In Vessel Composting as well as of technology equipment for anaerobic treatment of organic materials /waste and mushroom farming projects. Combining commitment, talent and progressive thinking, Christiaens Group is a leader in designing and constructing sector-specific composting and fermentation technologies.

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Witveldweg 108 , ND Horst , 5961 5961 Netherlands

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Waste Management
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Internationally (various countries)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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The Christiaens Group 'the power of combined experience”

Synergy as added value

Christiaens Group is a global leader in setting up turnkey solutions for mushroom farms and composting yards.
Our company is located in Horst, The Netherlands - the international centre for mushroom cultivation and research.
The company started with making machineries for the mushroom industry since 1971 and expanded their expertise over the years in all areas related to mushroom cultivation.
We supply the world with turnkey solutions completely engineered and produced in house. The disciplines are:

  • Engineering: setting up and engineering of complete projects in the mushroom and waste industry.
  • Construction: everything related to the construction of mushroom farms and composting plants.
  • Technical installation: airhandling systems and technical installations for creating the right climate as well as odour management.
  • Controls: control technology for all processes in mushroom growing and composting.
  • Machines: designer and builder of good and strong machines for composting and mushroom cultivation.

Our company assures quality in the design and realization of turnkey projects or parts of our expertise. Efficiency and suitability for the particular situation. At the Christiaens Group we take full responsibility for perfection in the operational process. Anywhere in the world.The wide range of knowledge guarantees a seamless coverage of all relevant areas of expertise.

Small projects too.
Not all projects are turnkey projects. You can of course approach us for smaller jobs as well.

Christiaens understands the need for innovation. We develop new systems focussed on better material use, energy savings and labour efficiencies.

In the waste management industry, Christiaens Group has been involved in the aerobic treatment of organic materials for more than 30 years. Their facilities and technologies consider the following to ensure a successful operation: air handling, process control, water management, odour control and energy management. Christiaens Group also has experience in designing and manufacturing technology and equipment required in the various stages of mushroom composting and growing mushrooms. The company is a pioneer and innovator in developing turn-key projects for mushroom technology. Their environmentally friendly In Vessel Composting equipment enables the production of homogenous and well-blended compost. Christiaens also develops and manufactures equipment for High Solid Anaerobic digestion and water treatment. These new systems can be integrated within existing compositing facilities and technologies. 

Organic waste facilities can differ worldwide depending on local legislation, the market for the end product and the quality of input materials. Christiaens Group takes care when incorporating these variables into each design, acknowledging the need for flexibility and location-specific demands. Christiaens systems are also engineered for the local climate and environment, making them ecologically sensitive.