Cifarelli S.p.A.

Since 1967 Cifarelli Spa has been manufacturing professional machines in Italy. Our specialization are backpack machines with two-stroke engine, light, powerful and durable. An important peculiarity of our professional machineries is their versatility. The same device, in fact, can be used in different fields, among which: agriculture, gardening, city cleaning and fire-fighting. Italian production, international distribution; We produce 100% in Italy and our products are distributed in over 80 countries worldwide.

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Strada Oriolo 180 , Voghera , 27058 27058 Italy

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Agriculture - Horticulture
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Globally (various continents)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Our Company has been founded in 1967 by Raffaele Cifarelli, coming from an experience of diesel engines designer, and by his wife Rita, in a small building located in Voghera of about 250 square metres.

The first products were the knapsack motorized mistblowers branded “Nuvola” with engines bought in Germany.

On the 5th of November 1967, we issued the first invoice.

Beginning from this date, the Company started with the exportation and the first export invoice was dated April 4th, 1968 for a free sampling.

On the 19th of June, the first Cifarelli’s machines were exported in Switzerland to a Company named Fischer of Vevey, which is still our distributor in this area.

In the same years, we were also manufacturing tractor mounted mistblowers.

In 1974, Cifarelli started the production of new C7 model engine in a new building: the first of our actual area.

The second factory has been finished in 1985, when we started to produce brush-cutters, which were available on the market till 1994, considering the small market share achieved.

After the interruption of brush-cutters production, Cifarelli started the development of special niche products, thanks to which, today, the Company results global competitor on the market.

Cifarelli introduced a new knapsack vacuum for shell fruit picking as, for example, chestnuts and nuts (in some conditions, it can be also used for olives).

In 1998 Cifarelli SpA received “EIMA Technical Innovation” Award, thanks to the presentation of a new machine during the exhibition: the branches shaker for olives harvesting. Our Company has been the first one to offer an innovative industrial product, after a careful examination of the handicrafts placed on the market. All innovations are always covered by different patents. Cifarelli SpA, with its continuous research and investments, became the reference point of this market.

Since 2004, the Company studied a special engine for the shaker, of which every year Cifarelli SpA issues a renewed model.

In 2005 we finished a new productive area of about 2000 m² for the warehouse and for the plastic and mechanical working production, distributed on different shifts.

In 2006 Cifarelli introduced the new silenced blower, which won the “Technical Innovation” Award during EIMA.

Since few years, Cifarelli SpA registers 2 patents every year, covering the innovation and research developed by our technical department. We always co-operate with some research centers as, for example, the CNR (National Research Council) and with some specialized consultants.

Today, we have a distributor in more than 70 Countries and we sell all around the world.

In our past, we have also exported to over 100 Countries in the world.

The 88% of our annual turnover is made abroad.

In Italy, the distribution is effected through specialized retailers, which are able to grant a careful post-selling service.

Abroad, we have a single distributor for each Country, which sells both the machines and the relative spare parts.

One of our core values is the customer service: the stopping of one machine has a very high cost for a person which usually works with it. For this reason, we focus our attention on the availability of all spare parts: we ship the 100% of spare parts orders within 24 hours, carrying them out completely.

The quality of the products and the flexibility are very important for us. Thanks to the dimension and the organization of the Company, we are able to take very fast decisions in order to satisfy all our customers.

Since the beginning, we have always considered customers and distributors as our most important partners; thanks to their help, we are able to develop products and services to better satisfy market needs.

We are specialized in producing small knapsack machines with engine.

With our range of products we would like to count ourselves among the protagonists on global market.

Since many years, our Company supplies mistblowers to farmers and professional gardeners all around the world to effect antiparasitic and disinfesting treatments, blowers used to clean the most important Italian stadiums and, after suitable modifications, to be used also to put out fires. In addition, we supply special picking machines: vacuums and shakers for olives harvesting.

The details of the equipment are produced under our specifications and with our moulds by specialized suppliers.

Inside the Company, we do particular workings on dedicated machines or on flexible working centres. We also have a plastic department, which produces all the details of our equipment, manufactures and develops products for other customers, thanks to the know-how of our techincal department.

Actually we have over 50 people working at Cifarelli, in a building of over 7000 square metres with complete air conditioning in the production areas.

A great importance is given to data processing elaboration; from the beginning of the Eighties, Cifarelli SpA is working on integrated systems, which allow a complete managing of the administration and warehouse of the Company but also of production planning, purchases, sales, back-office and budgeting. From the end of the Eighties, the design of our machines is made using CAD systems: bidimensional, for the first years, today with tridimensional systems.