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  • Mulchers Machines  for Agriculture

    Mulchers Machines for Agriculture

    A wide and articulate range of mulchers, planning and building models that offer excellent solutions for: ground preparation to the mechanized harvesting of fruits, check of infesting weeds, cutting up of runners and pruning and stones crushing up to 20 cm of diameter.

  • Pratiko - Model AF200 / AF300 - Electrical Trimmer

    Pratiko - Model AF200 / AF300 - Electrical Trimmer

    • PRATIKO is a new chain trimmer with single pole, designed thanks to AIMA’s continuous evolution in manufacturing and offering simple and innovative machines in the fields of pruning and conservation of green spaces. • It is equipped with an 8” Carving bar and ¼” Oregon chain thus guaranteeing top cutting quality and speed with any kind of wood. • It can be easily changed into a handy chain saw for use with low trees or on high platforms, by replacing...