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- Model AF200 / AF300 - Electrical Trimmer

• PRATIKO is a new chain trimmer with single pole, designed thanks to AIMA’s continuous evolution in manufacturing and offering simple and innovative machines in the fields of pruning and conservation of green spaces. • It is equipped with an 8” Carving bar and ¼” Oregon chain thus guaranteeing top cutting quality and speed with any kind of wood. • It can be easily changed into a handy chain saw for use with low trees or on high platforms, by replacing the extension pole with the short connection pole (included) • PRATIKO is available in the AF200 version (total length 1,950 mm) and in the AF300 version (total length 2,750 mm) • The motor and reducer fitted in its hand grip help perfectly balancing the weight for a more comfortable use. • PRATIKO is very versatile and low-cost as it needs a 12V power supply and can be used with a simple car battery,

? Motor and reducer
? Connection pole for chain saw
? Saw with 8” bar and ¼” Oregon chain
? Power cable

Motor: 500W
Power supply: 12V
Bar: 8” Carving
Chain: ¼” Oregon
Lubrication: Automatic
Length: AF200 1,950 mm
AF300 2,750 mm

Recommended battery: 12V Pb
80/100 Ah (not included)
1,200mm extension pole
Extension pole
2,000mm extension pole

Extension poles for PRATIKO can be bought as an optional in order to change an AF200 into an AF300 and viceversa.

• No. 1 backpack For those users who do not use the trimmer
• No. 1 22Ah Pb battery extensively during a day work a handy backpack
• No. 1 charger with battery is available in two versions:
BASIC (1 battery + 1 charger) and PLUS (2 batteries + 2 chargers)

• No. 1 backpack
• No. 2 22Ah Pb batteries
• No. 2 chargers

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