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  • Horticultural Coir Products

  • CoirGreen - Coco Peat

    CoirGreen - Coco Peat

    Cocopeat is a natural, and renewable resource produced from coconut husks. Potting soil manufactures add value to potting mixes by adding a percentage of good quality Coco peat to their potting mixtures. Plants that grown with Coco peat require less frequent watering due to the higher water holding capacity of Coco peat. More number of finer roots in a shorter time can be seen in potting soil containing Cocopeat. The roots get more aeration resulting in...

  • CoirGreen - Coir Disk Weed Control Mats

    CoirGreen - Coir Disk Weed Control Mats

    Coir Disk (Weed control mats), a 100% biodegradable product that has earned recognition among growers for their effectiveness and consistency as weed prevention pot toppers. The product is used in many large scale nurseries and greenhouses as an effective measure of natural weed control. Following sizes of the coir disk ( Weed control mats) are produced at CG. 9.20 cm, 10cm, 15cm, 25cm and 33cm, 40cm, 60cm, 80cm and 100cm. Other sizes are also produced...

  • CoirGreen - Coir Pots

    CoirGreen - Coir Pots

    Coir Green - Coir pots are made of Natural Coco fiber & Natural Rubber (rubberized to hold pot together) for use in Horticultural Farms , Flower Gardeners, Green Houses, and Nurseries. Coir pots can be used with natural flower plants to give indoors an elegant look. This is a more retail product which is sold in large supermarket chains as well as retail nurseries etc.

  • CoirGreen - Grow Bags

    CoirGreen - Grow Bags

    Coir Green manufactures growbags (Coco slabs) in various sizes and compositions to accommodate our partner’s requirements. Growbags with coco peat/Husk chips contains 100% natural medium without any harmful chemicals that will have an impact on the final outcome of the produce. It is easy to handle, store and use. It has high water holding capacity with high air fill porosity, which ensures suitable growing conditions. It is suitable for most types of...

  • CoirGreen - Husk Chips

    CoirGreen - Husk Chips

    When the husk around the coconut is not separated into Coco-fibre and Coco-peat, but cut into pieces, Coco-chips are produced.