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Coir Green manufactures growbags (Coco slabs) in various sizes and compositions to accommodate our partner’s requirements. Growbags with coco peat/Husk chips contains 100% natural medium without any harmful chemicals that will have an impact on the final outcome of the produce. It is easy to handle, store and use. It has high water holding capacity with high air fill porosity, which ensures suitable growing conditions. It is suitable for most types of vegetable and flower plants.


Coir Green Growbags ( Coco slabs) comprise of pressed coir peat / husk chips or a combination of both.

Eg: Growbags = 100 % natural material or 70-80 % coco peat and 20-30 % crush

Sizes of Growbags can be catered according to customer requirement. Standard sizes of bags are given below along with the loadability per 40 foot HC container.

  • Growbags - 100cm X 15cm X 7cm - 100%
  • Growbags - 100cm X 15cm X 10cm - 100%
  • Growbags - 100cm X 15cm X 12cm - 100%
  • Growbags - 100cm X 20cm X 7cm - 100%
  • Growbags - 100cm X 20cm X 12cm - 100%

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