Collari s.n.c.

Collari was founded in 1963 by Cav. Mario Collari along with his son Edore, who started production of rotary tiller and winding machines for metal wire in a small workshop in the town centre in response to a strong local demand. Today, after 40 years of ongoing activity, Collari has significantly expanded and enjoys an excellent reputation in Italy and Europe for the craftsmanship and strength of its products, generally designed for a heavy-duty professional use by a demanding clientele. The farming sector has undergone extraordinary development over the years in response to the evolving market demands, and the company, in addition to rotary tiller, has added several new machines, including grubbers, subsoilers, normal and combined cultivators with roller hydraulic sections or rear discs, combined grubber + rotary tiller, combined machines for seeding with minimum tillage, etc.

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Via Provinciale Sud 24 A/B , Castello d`Argile (BO) , 40050 Italy

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Agriculture - Crop Cultivation
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Internationally (various countries)
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The company's manufacturing policy is to consistently apply new technologies to improve the products without penalising the robust construction for which they are noted.

Special machines are also produced for ground preparation for specific segments such as gardening, nurseries and horticulture.
An industrial division of the company builds and distributes winding machines for metal wires which were originally targeted to the farm sector (production of metal wire coils for use on forage packing machines), but are now widely used for packing recycled paper, rags, plastic, aluminium cans, and dehydrated forage, and are primarily aimed at the metallurgical and processing sectors.

Collari presently operates out of its company-owned facilities measuring 5.000 sq. m, 1.500 sq. m. of which are covered, and is under the management of owner Edore Collari and his sons, Gian Luca and Valeria. The company is a founding partner of the EUROAGRI consortium and a partner in numerous companies in the sector.