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  • Plant Growth Research

  • Conviron Growth House

    Conviron Growth House

    Conviron continues to lead the industry with innovative solutions in controlled environment systems. For applications that require the large capacity of a greenhouse with the precision of a growth chamber, we now offer our new Conviron Growth House. Amalgamating select features of our walk-in rooms and research greenhouse, our new Conviron Growth House provides a large capacity in a single room and is available in many size configurations.

  • Research Greenhouse Solutions

  • Lighting & Airflow

    Lighting & Airflow

    Supplemental lighting is a requirement for most research applications. Conviron has developed a patented lighting system that is capable of uniformly delivering 300 micro-moles of supplemental light. High intensity discharge luminaires designed specifically for this application are mounted on an adjustable rig that is easily raised or lowered to provide a constant light intensity at the plant growth canopy. Ballasts are remotely located in the...

  • Bench System

    Bench System

    Various bench designs are available including rolling benches with ebb and flood irrigation trays, expanded metal tops, or solid tops mounted on the bench. The rolling bench is a Conviron design that provides ease of use and safety. Requiring only a slight pushing force, bench tops can roll back and forth facilitating ease of access between benches while maximizing the growth area. The bench top and sides can be opened to access the...

  • Plant Growth

  • Model A1000 - Growth Chamber

    Model A1000 - Growth Chamber

    With its unique ability to adapt to four different research applications, the Adaptis A1000 offers an economical and flexible equipment platform. The base chamber itself can be fitted with one of four specially configured kits, and each kit is specifically designed for a particular application including: Plant Growth, Arabidopsis, Tissue Culture, and Incubation. By varying the configuration of the airflow, light, and shelving, each kit...

  • Model ATC40 - Growth Chamber

    Model ATC40 - Growth Chamber

    The ATC40 employs a top-mounted refrigeration system. This design minimizes the product footprint, accommodates servicing from the front of the chamber, and simplifies on-site installation. Using two shelves, each with 32 inches (800 mm) of growth height, the ATC40 offers nearly 40 ft2 (3.7 m2) of growth area and accommodates medium to large size plants. This combination of features provides an excellent product for growing...

  • Model ATC60 - Growth Chamber

    Model ATC60 - Growth Chamber

    The ATC60 provides an exceptional growth-area-to-footprint ratio. It uses a top-mounted refrigeration system that accommodates servicing from the front of the chamber, and that simplifies on-site installation. The ATC60 offers three tiers with almost 60 ft2 (5.5 m2) of growth area in a 25 ft2 (2.32 m2) footprint. With a growth height of 20 inches (510 mm) above each shelf, the ATC60...

  • Model BDR16 - Growth Chamber

    Model BDR16 - Growth Chamber

    The BDR16 is designed for high-end plant physiology research where tight performance is critical to ensure a consistent plant canopy temperature throughout the chamber. To achieve tight performance, this unit employs a constant temperature lamp bank, cooled by the refrigeration system, which results in a constant light intensity output regardless of operating temperature. With 65” (1650 mm) of growth height and 16.2ft2 (1.5...

Products by Valoya Oy

  • Model BX Series - LED Lights

    Model BX Series - LED Lights

    High intensity (up to 2,1 µmol/W) bar shaped luminaires. Dimmable by default. Light, slim and robust. IP67 and IK08 rating – resistant to extreme humidity (even water submersion), dust, impact and harsh chemical cleaning agents. Come in three lengths 0,9 m / 35″, 1,2 m / 46″ and 1,7 m...

  • Model L Series - LED Lights

    Model L Series - LED Lights

    L-series T8 tubes are available in 600, 900, 1200, 1500  and 1800 mm lengths. Can be installed in fluorescent tube fixtures without modification (fixtures with magnetic ballast). L-series provide best possible uniformity as the full spectrum is integrated into a single chip making it ideal for tissue culture and propagation applications. Comes with either clear or diffused (milky) cover. The diffused covers spreads light more evenly but reduces...

  • Model C Series - LED Lights

    Model C Series - LED Lights

    C-series is ideal for growth rooms and other demanding light conditions where higher light intensity is needed. Fixtures are slim and lightweight which makes them easy to install to applications with limited space. C-series fixtures are available as 1200, 1500 and 1800mm models with appropriate spectra for different cultivation processes. Dimmable. IP66.

  • Model R Series - LED Lights

    Model R Series - LED Lights

    Easy to install option for one-to-one replacement of HID lights. Ideal for a step by step investment in LEDs by replacing part of HID lights with more energy efficient Valoya LEDs. A highly durable fixture due to all aluminium build. IP55, Passive cooling. Dimmable (optionally available).

  • 2-Channel LED Lights

    2-Channel LED Lights

    Replication of clear sky light including dawn and dusk. Adjustable red/far red ratio. Suitable for growth chambers and greenhouses. Contains Valoya’s patented NS1 spectrum and a complementary tuning spectrum (far-red). Appears white and is pleasant to human eyes.