Conviron Growth House



Conviron continues to lead the industry with innovative solutions in controlled environment systems. For applications that require the large capacity of a greenhouse with the precision of a growth chamber, we now offer our new Conviron Growth House. Amalgamating select features of our walk-in rooms and research greenhouse, our new Conviron Growth House provides a large capacity in a single room and is available in many size configurations.

Distinguishing characteristics include:

  • Space efficiency - rolling benches, large footprint, variable size & dimensional configurations
  • Lighting - various lighting configurations including high intensity discharge (HID) and LED
  • Precise control - of temperature, light, humidity and CO2
  • Security and confidentiality - insulated panel walls with no visual exposure from the outside, such as with a greenhouse, and no light pollution
  • Fully customizable - uniquely designed to the client's specifications
  • Automated workflow - systems for irrigation, fertigation and plant imaging

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