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Cranab`s products are manufactured in Vindeln, in the centre of northern Sweden`s great forests. Those who live here have learnt to know the forest and its conditions. Therefore, every new product that we develop has generations of forestry experience build in. Our closeness to the forest also makes it easy for us to ask, listen and test. We have access to three modern, well equipped factories and continuous cooperation with professional foresters of all kinds, who help us with our design and testing.

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Karlsgårdsvägen 56 , Vindeln , Västerbotten County 922 32 Sweden

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Agriculture - Forestry
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Internationally (various countries)


Cranab was founded in 1963 by the Jonsson brothers, Rune and Allan. However, the manufacture of cranes had begun earlier when the Jonsson brothers had started producing purpose-built ditching buckets for ABS excavators. In 1959, the Vindeln based company ABS-service commenced the manufacture of cranes for the forestry industry. The first cranes were very simple. They comprised a cylindrical pipe (the boom) that was lifted by a hydraulic tube. At the far end, there was a wire that served as a 'capture line' for the timber. Between 1959 and 1960, seven such cranes were produced. In 1961, the cranes were developed so that the boom became foldable. The boom was also equipped with a grapple. However, this lacked a rotator. The grapple was controlled by wires. From 1961 to 1962, the company expanded rapidly.


In 1963, the small-scale excavator service was brought to an end and it was decided to set up a crane company. Karl-Ragnar Åström bought Rune Jonsson's shares and Cranab AB was formed. The newly formed company continued to expand and, in 1964, the building of a new factory (Cranab 1) was commenced. Completed in the following year, the factory was opened by Per Jacobson, chairman of the municipal committee. The factory occupied 625 square metres. Towards the end of the 1960's and at the start of the 1970's, Cranab was growing and developed new models. The SK3000, SK4000, SK5000, SK7000 and SK9000 were amongst these.


One year after being founded, Cranab started exporting. The first export went to Finland ? a hydraulic forestry crane with grapple loader. In 1967, the export market expanded outside the Nordic countries to include Yugoslavia and France. During the 1970's, Cranab had around 85% of the Finnish market. Since then, Cranab has continued to expand and is now one of the world's largest crane and grapple manufacturers.