Creative Formulation Concepts (CFC)

Creative Formulation Concepts (CFC)

Creative Formulation Concepts (CFC) specializes in Formulation and Management Software. We develop and market a broad range of comprehensive optimization systems that adapt well to the formulation related needs of commercial animal feeds, pet foods, human foods, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, plastics, chemicals, and other blended products. Providing clients with important decision-making tools to help them more effectively and competitively manage the formulation process is at the very core of CFC`s software.

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For over 30 years, CFC software engineers have remained dedicated to the development of sophisticated formulation and related software. Their talents and creativity for presenting new mathematical and formulation concepts are recognized throughout the Animal Agriculture and Food Science Industries. CFC is proud of its affiliation with these industries and its contributions in shaping today's formulation approach.

Please step inside and take a tour of our extensive suite of product formulation and management software.  If you need optimization tools for blended products - from fertilizer to flour, or alligator to zebra feeds - chances are you will find them within this site.  If not, just ask for assistance!

CFC provides a suite of formulation and management tools used extensively by Nutritionists, Formulators, Researchers and Developers, Food Scientists, Purchasers, Management, Sales and Marketing and Quality Assurance Departments within the Animal Feed, Pet Food, Human Food and other blending industries.

The Single Product Formulation System Concept 5 provides the database that integrates formulation and management functions:

  • generate product prices
  • assure regulatory compliance of product labels
  • promote sound purchasing/allocation decisions
  • communicate and exchange data between corporate, field and regional systems
  • interface formulation software with third-party or in-house accounting, manufacturing control and other business management systems.
  • For Ingredient Blending - Creative Formulation Concepts' Promax offers new opportunities for maximizing profit.

The Concept5 Maximum Return Optimization Model:

Unlike traditional least cost algorithms that minimize costs, the ProMax model is structured on technology to maximize profit. When ingredient supplies are a factor in deciding which products are made and at what quantities, ProMax:

  • Allocates Ingredient usage
  • Determines which products to manufacture - and at what levels for the greatest profit
  • Determines and advises on the disposal or sale of excess ingredient inventories.

If you blend raw materials to produce a marketable product, we invite you to learn more about the function of the model and try it for 30 days with no obligation. Request a Concept5 trial download and CFC will provide instructions for activating the ProMax trial.

This suite of software is a powerful resource for new product development, nutrition and formulation, purchasing, pricing, quality assurance, sales and marketing. CFC's solutions integrate all formulation-related functions into one smooth operation…and streamline the entire formula management process... with simplicity and clarity.

Easy to Use and Understand

CFC's well designed, fully interactive user interface integrates seamlessly with the optimization processes and assures easy navigation through the application. While specialized and powerful, CFC's systems are uncomplicated and easy to understand and use. Follow the menus and sub menus - review and change on the same screen - menus are logical - choices are clear and results are immediate!

One size does not fit all

Creative Formulation Concepts' formulation and management software addresses the interrelated matters involved in the blending of raw materials to produce a marketable product. These tools help clients effectively manage the formulation process, from product research and development to identifying and tracking production costs.

Structured to fit operations of all sizes, the CFC formulation systems adapt well to most needs. Configurations range from Introductory/Educational and intermediate for a single user, single site to full-featured, powerful versions for an unlimited number of concurrent users at multiple sites.

CFC's key software designers have had continuous involvement in the field of mathematical techniques for solving least cost formulation problems presented by the Agriculture and Food Science Industries since 1978. As sweeping changes continue to transform business strategies and technological solutions, CFC's legacy of commitment to high standards, unmatched products, service and integrity has not changed.

CFC consistently sets worldwide standards in software reliability and innovation for the formulation software industry and yields superior products for its clients. CFC clients rely on these software tools to give them the vital, extra competitive edge required in today's business climate and help them manage the complexities of creating, quoting, costing, pricing, labeling and tracking feed and food formulas.

CFC is held in the highest esteem by some of the most dynamic and progressive worldwide manufacturing 'giants' and has an equally impressive reputation with smaller companies, educational institutions and governmental agencies.

CFC's Philosophy is Simple

  • Commit loyalties and efforts to the customer first and carry out these commitments with integrity, dedication and professionalism.
  • Continue our priorities of customer support and service, innovation and software reliability.
  • Stay focused on what we do best.

Time and again, CFC presents new formulation concepts that result in industry-wide long-term formulation solutions that raise expectations to a higher level.