Crystal Spring Hog Equipment

Crystal Spring Hog Equipment is part of Crystal Spring Colony near Ste. Agathe, Manitoba. The Colony is part of the Schmiedeleut Hutterite church, a communal branch of the Anabaptist Christian faith who trace their religion to the same 16th century roots as many Amish and Mennonites. Crystal Spring Hog Equipment has a 35 year legacy of providing innovative solutions and high-quality products to pork producers around the world. Through hard work, the support of community, a few bold ideas and countless patent applications, the impact of Crystal Spring Hog Industry on the pork industry is undeniable. Partnerships with people around the world who share this passion have created a legacy of innovative solutions, friendship and global change.

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1 Crystal Spring Drive, P.O. Box 10 , Ste Agathe , Manitoba ROG 1YO Canada

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Agriculture - Livestock
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Globally (various continents)

History of Crystal Spring Hog Equipment

In the early 1980s, Crystal Spring Hog Equipment was formed to leverage the expertise and ideas of members of the Crystal Spring Hutterite community. The combination of a farming lifestyle, communal atmosphere and entrepreneurial spirit allowed Jonathan Kleinsasser and other community members to find innovative solutions to challenges around the community’s farms. These ideas led to several remarkable innovations that helped revolutionize pork production.

Our Partners

Crystal Spring Hog Equipment has partnered with companies around the world who share our passion for innovation and collaboration to expand our distribution channels. Our team of distributors provide today’s swine producers with superior service and resources for our products.