Since 1975, we have empowered progressive growers around the world to achieve sustainable yield and quality increases through high performance crop solutions. Our naturally derived products help to ensure optimal food production, grower profitability, and environmental health. Our business leadership and technology-based research utilizes multidisciplinary science and rigorous quality controls at every stage of development, production and distribution.

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2700 South 600 West , Salt Lake City , UT 84115 USA

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Agriculture - Crop Cultivation
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Globally (various continents)

Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, our scientists and business executives work closely with our global network of in-country managers. We collaborate with research institutions, governments, and individual growers on six continents. Together, we understand and solve the real issues facing growers in each unique geographical location, for each crop, and each unique set of constantly changing agricultural economies and climate conditions.

Forty years later, we continue as a highly committed family-owned business. Our founder, Steve Baughman, was driven to find innovative ways to responsibly feed the world. Today, CEO Eric Baughman continues this legacy by building and keeping long-term, trusted relationships with our employees, partners and customers. The entire company remains committed to leading the industry with technological innovations that deliver proven results.

As a progressive grower, you need more than sustainable results. You need the highest crop quality and yield, with the best return on investment and no wasted time or money. You need predictability—outcomes you can rely on.

Cytozyme’s crop solutions deliver results. Backed by more than 40 years of innovation and uncompromising quality, our products, processes, and people get real results for growers around the globe.

Uncompromising Commitment — Predictable Results

At Cytozyme, quality is more than a checklist. It is a core company value that is essential to who we are and it guides everything we do. Our skilled and thoroughly trained employees, led by a highly experienced management team, focus on product quality during every step of product development and production operations. We are committed to consistently delivering superior products to our growers in each part of the world .

Cytozyme products are manufactured following the highest industry standards, including “Good Manufacturing Practices” and “Total Quality Management” guidelines. Our comprehensive Quality Assurance Programs are enforced in all aspects of operations from purchasing through manufacturing, packaging, shipping, and distribution processes. We use an advanced Enterprise Resource Planning Management System to monitor and optimize production capacity, provide material traceability and control, and guarantee consistent, on-time product delivery.

In our state-of-the-art Analytical Quality Control Laboratory, we utilize the most advanced equipment and internationally recognized quality control methodologies while adhering to standards defined by “Good Laboratory Practices.” We ensure full product support for all of our customers by maintaining samples and records of each manufactured product for 5-7 years.

A Legacy of Leadership

Cytozyme is led by our global team of committed and passionate professionals with broad expertise in crop sciences, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, and sales. Our credentialed scientists and consultants come from prestigious international universities and are supported by a corporate culture of relentless inquiry and global collaboration. Together, we are working to accomplish our common goal: to feed the world responsibly.