Dairy Australia

Dairy Australia is the national services body for dairy farmers and the industry. Our role is to help farmers adapt to a changing operating environment, and achieve a profitable, sustainable dairy industry. We act as the ‘investment arm’ of the industry, investing in projects that can’t be done efficiently by individual farmers or companies.

Company details

Level 5, IBM Centre, 60 City Road , Southbank , Victoria 3006 Australia

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Business Type:
Publishing company
Industry Type:
Food and Beverage
Market Focus:
Nationally (across the country)


What We Do
Dairy Australia invests across the dairy supply chain, identifying the best opportunities for collective action - the activities that farmers and companies cannot do efficiently themselves.

Investment by Strategic Priority
To achieve its core business objectives, Dairy Australia annually develops and reviews a set of strategic priorities, which we use to guide investment in our current projects.

Strategic priority 1:
Enhance the adaptive capability of the dairy supply chain to improve farm margins and growth opportunities.

Strategic prioroty 2:
Proactively promote and protect dairy’s value propositions.

Strategic priority 3:
co-ordinate an integrated supply chain response to climate change and natural resource management.

Strategic priority 4:
Grow capability and skills.

Support activity - ie IT, internal communications.