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  • Dalen - Model 2054 - Firewood Processor

    Dalen - Model 2054 - Firewood Processor

    A fully hydraulic machine for quality conscious customers with high demands for efficiency, functionality and usability. Together with the log deck and the turnable discharge conveyor, the DALEN 2054 comprises an effective system for firewood production.eyor, the Dalen 2054 is a highly capable system for production of firewood.

  • Dalen - Model 2048 - Log Deck

    Dalen - Model 2048 - Log Deck

    The effectiveness of a firewood processor depends, among other things, how fast you can feed fresh logs into the machine.  The log deck is loaded by means of a pallet fork (with a universal claw) or timber claw. The operator does not have to do any unnecessary hoisting.  It is recomended that the log deck be positioned next to the operator, but it can also be position next to the machine. The logs are fed into the machine with the aid of...

  • Road

  • Dalen - Model 2022 - Rear Blade

    Dalen - Model 2022 - Rear Blade

    The Dalen 2022 is mounted asymmetrically so that the right side is longer then the left. You do not have to drive all the way upto the snowbank when plowing.  This mounting generates a throwing action while operating. When reversing the blade, it is the left side that passes under the beam.  This allows for a shorter beam, which in turn positions the centre of gravity back towards the tractor, thus giving better blade and tractor...

  • Lift

  • Dalen - Model 2097 - Universal Claw

    Dalen - Model 2097 - Universal Claw

    The universal claw is, as the name indicates, a universal tool. We have a saying at Dalen:  'If you have a Dalen pallet fork, then you need a Dalen Universal Claw!

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