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  • Dalen - Model 2022 - Rear Blade

    Dalen - Model 2022 - Rear Blade

    The Dalen 2022 is a strong, professionally constructed blade, and is ideally suited for high-horsepower tractors.   Professionally constructed blade with security system. Integrated wing with high snow discharge height. Asymmetric mounting - extended reach to the right High construction weight, provides for excellent scraping effect, upto 205kg extra weight.

  • Model 2014 - Snowblower

    Model 2014 - Snowblower

    This snowblower really comes into it's own in the most difficult of conditions - we call it 'The Great Mountain King'!   Rugged and large snowblower, built for the largest tractors Oversized impeller provides excellent snow-throwing 1000rpm for less wear on the shafts Rear mounted, with the possibility of being trailed, front mounting is also possible. Quick-change configuration, between towing, reversing or front mounting. Central gearbox - less power...

  • Dalen - Model 2034 - Sand Spreader

    Dalen - Model 2034 - Sand Spreader

    The spreader is hydraulically driven and comes in three models; 2034 (200 cm working width *, 1300 liters),  2034-W (225 cm working width *, 1500 liters) and 2034-S (150 cm working width *, 750 liters).

  • Wood

  • Dalen - Model 2054 - Firewood Processor

    Dalen - Model 2054 - Firewood Processor

    The 2054 firewood processor is a machine for demanding customers. Seeking efficiency, functionality, and ease of use. Together with log deck and positionable discharge conveyor, the Dalen 2054 is a highly capable system for production of firewood.

  • Dalen - Model 2048 - Log Deck

    Dalen - Model 2048 - Log Deck

    The effectiveness of a firewood processor depends, among other things, how fast you can feed fresh logs into the machine.  The log deck is loaded by means of a pallet fork (with a universal claw) or timber claw. The operator does not have to do any unnecessary hoisting.  It is recomended that the log deck be positioned next to the operator, but it can also be position next to the machine. The logs are fed into the machine with the aid of...