Danfoil is one of Denmark’s leading manufacturers within field sprayers, and not without reason. Our products is based on advanced technology, which ensures optimal spraying – year after year. The secret behind our field sprayers is something as simple as air. With a danfoil field sprayer, the driving force is not liquid, but instead air pressure. In this way, we ensure that the water and chemicals are deposited on the whole plant – and not only on the surface. Environmental concerns are important to danfoil. Due to the reduced consumption of water and pesticides, we have set the way for a more environmental farm. Even though liquid consumption is reduced with close to 90 %, a more efficient weed, disease, and fungicide control is achieved; to the benefit of both the farmer and the environment.

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The air is pushed, with high speed, through the atomizer, which ensures that the water and chemicals are deposited on the whole crop, guaranteeing a much more efficient spraying.

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We allow ourselves to say that you can achieve significant savings, which ultimately means an improved bottom line, with the danfoil spray concept.

Benefits of the danfoil technology
Benefits of danfoil spraying technology

High capacity

A capacity up to 6 times higher than a conventional sprayer means fewer refills per spray job. This optimizes the individual spray job and saves time and fuel.

Low consumption of fluid

Low fluid consumption, 30-50 l/ha is significantly lower compared to conventional sprayers (200 l/ha). This ensures savings on chemicals and water – to the benefit of both you, as a user, and the environment.

Increased deposit and penetration

Effective penetration in dense crops is ensured by the air from the sprayer, which creates turbulence around the plant. This ensures increased deposit of the spray in both the top, and the bottom of the crop, as well as both the upper-side and the underside of the leaves.

Reduced chemical consumption

A small chemical consumption is a direct consequence of two factors:

  1. A reduction in water consumption
  2. Increased deposit in the crops

Both factors guarantee that you, with a danfoil sprayer, can complete your spray job with a lower dose of chemicals – and still achieve the same results or even better.

Documented lower drift

In 2009, danfoil received a 75% drift reduction approval from the recognized German institute JKI. The approval emphasizes that wind drift can be controlled with a danfoil sprayer – even better than many of our competitors

Variable droplet-size

Variable droplet-size makes it possible for the user to adjust the size of the droplets to the specific spray job and ensure optimal coverage and low drift. The droplet size is controlled solely by the air pressure. The higher the pressure, the smaller droplets.

No nozzle change

One atomizer for all spray jobs as the Eurofoil atomizer can be used for all spray jobs. The droplet spectrum is regulated only by changes in air pressure – which is done via. The joystick in the drivers cab.

10 year warranty on Eurofoil atomizer

A 10 year warranty on the Eurofoil atomizer ensures the user a considerable saving over a 10-year period. Furthermore, experience show that Eurofoil atomizers, unlike conventional nozzles, don’t require running adjustment and maintenance

Simple and functional

Danfoil field sprayers are manufactured with a focus on user-friendliness. This is evident when looking at the dashboard, where all primary functions are operated with two levers. Furthermore it is possible to control the sprayers function via joystick and touch-screen, in the drivers cab.