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  • Propagation for lettuce and herps

  • Seeding Line

    Seeding Line

    An innovative system for precision seeding (especially with raw seeds). The system, which is the result of cooperation with KW Engineering - Australia, is especially indicated for the use of seeds in very small quantities and for seeding of the most difficult varieties. For operation, the entire line does not require an air compressor (it runs completely on 220 V single-phase electricity). However, for special automation needs, it is possible to...

  • Benches

  • Roller Benches

    Roller Benches

    DGS roller benches are developed to meet the request for efficient plant production. The benches are available with aluminum edges (drawn in one piece) which are assembled with green plastic corners. Bench trays are either vacuum-shaped ebb/flow trays made of grey, knock proof polystyrene, perforated styropor plates or plastic channels in the width 100 and 120 mm. The standard width are 1.00 m, 1.20 m, 1.43 m, 1.52 m, 1.62 m, 1.82 m and 2.02 m. ...

  • Blackout system

  • Blackout in Wide Span Greenhouse

    Blackout in Wide Span Greenhouse

    If you grow plants that need extra beauty sleep, our blackout screens are double layered to provide more than 99.9% blackout (enough for the most sensitive plants). This even lets you choose an aluminium or white upper layer for solar reflection and a white under layer to intensify the effects of any supplemental lighting.