Roller Benches



DGS roller benches are developed to meet the request for efficient plant production. The benches are available with aluminum edges (drawn in one piece) which are assembled with green plastic corners. Bench trays are either vacuum-shaped ebb/flow trays made of grey, knock proof polystyrene, perforated styropor plates or plastic channels in the width 100 and 120 mm. The standard width are 1.00 m, 1.20 m, 1.43 m, 1.52 m, 1.62 m, 1.82 m and 2.02 m.  Length is decided individual for each project. The galvanized, adjustable supporting frame is available for mounting in concrete or onto concrete floor.  The roller benches are available with 16 mm PEL-heating pipes placed between the tray and the bench top, allowing the heat to spread all over the benches. All our benches have been pre-drilled to facilitate assembly by the grower.

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