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Debets Schalke is a company dedicated to the sale of new and used greenhouses and installations to customers worldwide. This family business employs over 100 employees and subcontractors. From its head office in the Dutch town of Monster, the company works with agents and local parties throughout the world. This unique structure ensures that all players with their individual specialisms form a strong team. Partnering local professionals with sound knowledge of local conditions combined with a unique and versatile product range makes for a professional approach offering continuity and flexibility all over the world.

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Havenstraat 49 , Monster , 2681 LC Netherlands

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Agriculture - Horticulture
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Globally (various continents)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Company Culture
Debets Schalke has a flat organisation structure with short reporting lines. There is a continuous focus on strengthening the existing no-nonsense culture with its informal, personal and open communication. The business culture is characterised by the Debets Schalke motto: ‘Say what you think and Do what you say!”

Debets Schalke has extensive experience in turnkey as well as sub-projects involving the construction of new and used greenhouses all over the world. No project is too big or too small. Its comprehensive logistics service make it possible to think globally and act locally. Debets Schalke’s everything-under-one-roof approach makes everything as simple as possible for the customer and all phases of the complex construction process are centrally coordinated. The project team is aware of how important the technical installations are for the greenhouse. Ultimately, these installations must facilitate greenhouse cultivation in a perfect climate, anywhere in the world. Debets Schalke knows that a high quality product differentiates the grower in the market.


Debets Schalke is a solid greenhouse construction company that supplies and installs greenhouses all over the world. The company works on the basis of efficient partnerships and by giving priority to a sustainable end result. With its many years of experience and resulting knowledge, Debets Schalke is a reliable partner for all its customers. It values its long-term relationships with customers and suppliers and contributes to internationally successful turnkey greenhouse construction projects with its expert advice and flexible logistics process.

Debets Schalke wants to be the customer’s first choice, an attractive employer for its employees and a company showing profitable growth. Through smart partnerships, an extensive network and a pioneering role in new markets, Debets Schalke can implement greenhouse projects of any scope anywhere in the world. By anticipating market opportunities and technological developments, Debets Schalke supplies its customers with a contemporary and future-oriented greenhouse. A greenhouse that meets the customer’s needs!


Debets Schalke strives to achieve managed growth, organically and based on acquisitions. Its policy focuses on continually improving its global competitive position. Analysing and saving costs, as well as high quality, are essential components in this respect. Investments are therefore aimed at innovating and improving greenhouses and their technical installations. Debets Schalke’s aim is to deliver throughout the world on a competitive basis.

Strategy Prerequisites:

  • investment in professionalism by giving employees room to grow
  • optimal quality
  • critical quality policy
  • accommodation based on sound logistics
  • collaboration with reliable local partners
  • effective international network
  • efficient and excellent logistics

The incorporation of Debets Schalke in 1985 was the start of what has since become an internationally renowned greenhouse construction company. Based in the municipality of Westland in the Netherlands, the company was founded by Martin Debets and Jan Schalke. The two founders are true entrepreneurs who recognise opportunities that others fail to see. Initially, the company engaged in the demolition of greenhouses and trading in used greenhouses and materials, mainly in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Very soon, the location in Naaldwijk in the Netherlands became too small to store all its materials and Debets Schalke moved to Poeldijk. Within the space of three months, the company’s working area expanded by a factor of eight. Once again, these industrious entrepreneurs were forced to look for new premises. In 1987, Debets Schalke moved into a new building on Havenstraat in Monster which provided improved accessibility and better storage facilities.

Clearly they were following the path of their dreams. As true pioneers, Jan and Martin entered unfamiliar international markets to sell second-hand greenhouses made in the Netherlands. This was the start of their international success story. Horticulturalists, first from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany and later from further afield, soon found their way to Debets Schalke.

Expansion of the Product Range
At the beginning of the 1990s, Debets Schalke was asked to construct new turnkey greenhouses in Poland and China.
This provided the motivation for expanding the product range. Besides second-hand greenhouses, Debets Schalke also started to supply new greenhouses and installations. Thus customers could choose between acquiring a new greenhouse, a second-hand greenhouse or a combination of the two.

The Next Generation
In 2009, Dave Debets joined the family business. He soon demonstrated that the entrepreneurial spirit ran in his genes too. Anticipating increased demand for second-hand materials and machines, he established DS Hortitrade in 2010. Two of Jan’s three sons also joined the company in 2011. Dylan Schalke found the perfect place to exercise his commercial talents in the export department. New markets were no problem for him. His brother, Jorel Schalke, provided the creative strength, translating customer requirements into unique sketches, since all greenhouses are different. This generation injected the spirit of innovation.

As management as well as fathers, we are very happy and proud to have our sons join the company because it means that we can continue to pursue our growth strategy, something that is essential in terms of our role in the greenhouse construction market. Furthermore, it maintains our culture of being a genuine family business,” says Martin Debets, General Manager.

Debets Schalke Today
Because many people still tend to regard Debets Schalke as a demolisher of greenhouses and a global builder of second-hand greenhouses, a new and more representative logo has been presented in 2014. This profiles the company as an enterprise focused on the construction of new turnkey greenhouses all over the world. In 2015 the daily management was transferred to the sons Dave Debets, Jorel Schalke and Dylan Schalke order to maintain the continuation of Debets Schalke and the international approach. To this very day, Debets Schalke continues to build on the tradition established by Jan and Martin who made history with their entrepreneurial spirit in the greenhouse construction sector.