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We are a full-service retailer for Kubota, Simplicity, Husqvarna and several other popular, high-quality lines of lawn and garden equipment. Please select the Products tab above for our full line. We provide parts and service for many other lines as well. We provide quality service for all the equipment we sell and for many other products in our on-site maintenance shop.

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1540 Linn Road , Williamston , Michigan 48895 USA

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Family owned, Deer Creek Sales has been serving the mid-Michigan area since 1966. It is operated by Dan and Sue Bauer. If you are looking for quality used items or parts to repair what you have, please check our Previously Owned page. If you can’t find something, we’ll help you find it! We will also ship equipment anywhere within the United States of America.

Deer Creek Sales, Inc. is an outdoor power equipment company that carries high end quality products and prides itself on being honest with their customers. If Dan, Sue or any of their employees feel that what you're looking to buy won’t do what you want it to, they're going to tell you. The same is true with repairs. If it’s not worth fixing, we’re going to tell you. If we screwed something up, we’ll fix it out of our pocket! And yes we are human and we do screw up once in a while! Who among us today hasn’t messed up once or twice?

We are as honest with you as we can be! Yes, we need to make money to stay open, but we will not rip people off! We charge $70.00 an hour for repairs on the equipment. That's $70.00 for 60 minutes worth of work. Some dealers charge less but count 50 minutes as 1 hour!

When you need advice or a 'quick' answer, you’ll be told the best advice and solutions for whatever your situation is. And we won’t charge you for it!

Dan tells customers all the time 'if it’s not broke, don’t fix it!' In our parts department, Sue & Lisa will sell you the parts you need, but if they feel you don’t need it, they’ll tell you!

Buy from where the owners are honest and involved, and you’ll be much happier!