Del Morino S.r.l.

Del Morino S.r.l.

Del Morino S.r.l. was established in 1875 by Arcangelo Del Morino in Caprese Michelangelo, the birthplace of the famous artist and is situated in the beautiful Tuscan hills, a haven for those who are looking for art, nature, tranquility and good food. For more than 130 years, Del Morino has been dedicated to supplying high quality agricultural implements and to supporting Italian and foreign companies, who are leaders in the construction and distribution of farm and garden equipment, in the research and development of new products through development projects. Quality through innovation is the principle of the company. The systematic search of innovation and improvements, which are compatible with the environment, has proven to be a winning strategy as the growth of the company over the years has shown. The company, which has 50 employees, has increased its sales over the last five years and now distributes its products in 40 countries around the world.

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Via Caroni di Sotto, 19 , Caprese Michelangelo - (AR) , 52033 Italy

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Globally (various continents)
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The production, assembly and shipment are concentrated in Caprese Michelangelo.

A policy of continuing investment has put Del Morino in the enviable position of being able to carry out all the essential productive processes required to produce their products internally. In fact at Del Morino sheet metal and tubing is cut by laser and bent by CNC machines. A robot assures high quality welding while a CNC machining center produces mechanical parts. All parts are painted in in an automated powder painting facility before assembly.

This offers the opportunity to improve the productivity and operating performance, as well as a great flexibility when developing new products.

The Del Morino factory has a covered area of more than 8,000 m2 (86,000 ft2) including offices in the magnificent surroundings of Caprese Michelangelo.

The ongoing research and development activities of Del Morino are a fundamental component of their continuing success. Today the activities are divided between the development of new products and the search for new markets.

Technology is the heart of innovation. Del Morino puts technical advances and special systems at the service of the customers; for example in the development of products they use state of the art virtual prototyping to simulate the products under working conditions.

Del Morino believes that these technical innovations provide an important competitive advantage, which will help them maintain their leadership

A major difference with respect to competitors can be found within the ambient where we work and in which Del Morino is recognized as a symbol of our community. The recognition makes us socially responsible to ourselves and, at the same time, it makes us a reference and example for reciprocal social progress.

In consideration of these results, I confirm our intention to continue on the same path based on four fundamental principles:

  • to supply products and services that meet the customers’ requirements, gaining their trust and enthusiastic support
  • to eliminate barriers to creativity, freeing our natural ability to find intelligent solutions and to come up with innovative ideas
  • to contribute to the creation of a  “business network” to develop and enhance a vision of the market together with our collaborators and customers, who are inexhaustible source of new ideas, new solutions and new products
  • to guarantee that every input from our customers, will be treated with the utmost seriousness and attention”

For us “Partnership” means integrating activities to carry out beforehand by joining forces around a common idea to bring a competitive dimension to the last link in a chain: the final customer. We have to complete in a complex business world but which also offers new opportunities, we have to receive new ideas. The ability to organize must be the keystone of success for our partnership.

Partnership is carried out at once, in practical action. Our strong points is our ability to make all the links in the chain work together, from production to the final customer, also by using direct self-financing.

With  new processes , we can anticipate the way we reach to market trends, we can obtain the best improvements regarding the quality of our service, to the customer. We cover the costs incurred beforehand in order to favour the performances of the partner. A partner, for us, is no more buyer to be exploited and deceived with dumping ( attractive special offers without a future): he is an unavailable partner , an important link in the chain.