DEMA is a leading provider of chemical dispensing systems, fluid control devices and industrial solenoid valves, strainers, pumps and injectors for virtually any industrial, institutional and professional market. Our institutional systems address the housekeeping, food service, food processing, warewash and laundry markets plus many other industries where precise metering of fluids is critical. DEMA industrial products answer the needs of the car wash, beverage, dairy, agriculture, irrigation, plant and design engineering marketplaces. DEMA uses state of the art venturi technology, peristaltic pumps and water driven proportional pumps for superior dilution control in chemical and fluid metering.

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10020 Big Bend Blvd , Saint Louis , Missouri 63122 USA

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Agriculture - Irrigation
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Globally (various continents)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Who We Are

  • Family owned & operated 3rd generation business based in St. Louis, Missouri
  • Over 60 years of engineering, designing and manufacturing experience
  • Four U.S. manufacturing facilities with distribution facilities in Eastern Missouri and Northeastern  Pennsylvania
  • International operations in The Netherlands, Australia, Brazil and China

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Extensive Machining & Manufacturing Equipment with Over 100 conventional, custom, milling and CNC machines
  • Manufacturing processes include injection molding, plating, welding and brazing
  • Quality Initiatives include ISO 9001:2008 registered and the 5S Process for increased consistency, safety, efficiency and productivity and Failure Mode & Effective Analysis (FMEA) for all product development & improvement,

Engineering Expertise

  • Resources and capabilities to support unique customer specific projects
  • Custom design & prototyping capabilities in Solid works and AutoCAD design
  • Extensive machining and other metal manufacturing and  prototyping
  • In-house SLA, RTV and electronics prototyping for most any dispensing need
  • Extensive laboratory facilities with a full range of commercial equipment for high pressure, temperature and automated accelerated lifecycle testing

Committed Support

  • Regional sales management from experienced managers for on-site training, sales and installation support
  • Corporate resources include senior sales, R&D and marketing for custom programs, training and major account initiatives
  • Dedicated phone based customer & technical support representatives with extensive knowledge and expertise to help choose the right equipment for your application
  • International support from multiple Europe, Australia, Brazil and China based sales and operations managers with sales and warehousing and most with light manufacturing and customization capabilities

Bela and Hermann Deutsch founded DEMA in 1956 soon after they formed their first company, Standard Machine and Manufacturing. DEMA was born out of customer requests for a device to dilute chemicals accurately and automatically. During DEMA’s first year the “proportioner” was introduced to the institutional cleaning market. Large chemical companies approached DEMA to build various products that would allow them to correctly dilute their cleaning chemicals. Since the beginning DEMA has introduced thousands of different proportioner models, with the primary goal of offering our customers the most reliable, safest and accurate way of dispensing concentrated chemicals. In addition to our complete range of chemical dispensing equipment, DEMA has also designed and manufactured a line of solenoid valves, injectors and other fluid control devices to meet many industrial applications.

During DEMA’s early years our focus was water driven dispensing equipment. As technology advanced, DEMA entered the electronic dispensing market, and now produces a broad range of electronic dispensers for kitchen, food service, laundry, industrial and specialty applications. These dispensers are designed to meet the needs of our worldwide customer base, specifically holding quality and safety at the highest standard and helping to lower the total cost of equipment ownership.

DEMA is committed to the complete satisfaction of our customers throughout the world. DEMA has expanded our facilities in Missouri, Pennsylvania, the Netherlands, and Australia plus added warehouses and representative offices in Brazil and China. All of our expansions have led to better service and satisfaction for our growing global customers.

DEMA is continuously updating our product range to meet the needs of our global customers. From 2 people in 1956 to more than 300 employees today, DEMA continues to grow and maintain the status as a leading provider of chemical dispensing and fluid control equipment.