Desarrollo Agrícola y Minero, S.A.

Daymsa is a company dedicated to the development, manufacture and commercialization of plant nutrients, biostimulants and phytoprotectants.

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Camino de Enmedio nº 120 , Zaragoza , 50013 Spain

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Agriculture - Crop Cultivation
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Globally (various continents)

In the 1970s the company SAMCA,, Holding Company of the Samca Group that owns Daymsa, mined black lignite coal by means of underground and opencast mining methods from their mines in the Valle de Ariño (Teruel). These mines suffered from recurrent and unfortunate sterilization where the coal suddenly transformed into what was disparagingly called 'dust': a black, highly staining coal, that became unpleasantly embedded in skin and nails, and which surprisingly and regrettably did not burn!

Following the ancient traditions of farmers in the area that marginally took advantage of this ill-fated 'dust' on their farms, where among their specialist crops are the extraordinary Calanda peaches, unique late start peaches with an extraordinary presence and quality.

The research started by the geologist and researcher Mr. Joaquín Lahoz paid off, because he managed to profile these powders as belonging to a new mineral, 'Leonardite', with extraordinary properties and agronomic utility, as defined by Dr. Leonard in 1929 in the USA.

The Leonardite discovered and profiled in Ariño (Teruel) proved to be a mineral surprisingly rich in humic acids, an excellent soil improver for its high content of Humic Acids. Humic Acids from Leonardite, both in their solid and liquid extract form developed by Daymsa, applied to the soil constitute a clay-humic complex, which is the mechanism that enriches and transforms poor soil into a rich, fertile earth.

Daymsa, Europe's  Leading Producer of Leonardite

Daymsa,DESARROLLO AGRÍCOLA Y MINERO, S.A., started its production and commercial operations in 1979 with a very specific mission: to mine the recently discovered deposits of Leonardite to produce Agricultural Soil Improvers.

In fulfilling its mission, Daymsa started Leonardite production in Spain achieving, after twenty years of pioneering academic work and training, widespread use in agricultural applications throughout Europe.