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  • Bionutrients

  • AMINOPHOS - Amino Acids with Defence Activators

    AMINOPHOS - Amino Acids with Defence Activators

    Aminophos is easily absorbed and transported by the plant due to its remarkable ascending and descending systemic effect. Contains amino acids, saving crop energy from synthesizing them. This energy is harnessed for other biological processes. Aminophos is indicated in improving natural defences in plants, as well as enhancing crop development.

  • CYTOPLANT  - Model 400 - Cytokinin Action Bionutrient

    CYTOPLANT - Model 400 - Cytokinin Action Bionutrient

    Cytoplant 400 is a natural nutrient, with cytokinin activity equivalent to 400 ppm. This product has the highest concentration of natural cytokinins in the market. Cytoplant 400 is recommended to stimulate cell division in developing organs, increasing fruit number and size. 

  • KELPAK - Auxin Action Bionutrient

    KELPAK - Auxin Action Bionutrient

    Kelpak is a natural growth activator, Ecklonia Maximaconcentrate with a high concentration of natural auxins. Its composition is characterized by high auxin and low cytokinin levels. This auxin dominance promotes root development and root hairs, stimulating balanced crop development. Kelpakis recommended to stimulate root development and improve fruit growth, aimed at obtaining high gauge crops.

  • Soil and Water Improvers

  • AMINOHUMIC - Leonardite Humic Acids

    AMINOHUMIC - Leonardite Humic Acids

    Amino-Humicis a combination of humic acids obtained from leonardite and amino acids. This combination has a synergistic effect on the impact of these compounds in the crop.Amino-Humicis recommended for soil structure and fertility improvement, as well as stimulating root propagation and lateral root development. Activates soil microbial flora, improving nutrient assimilation and formation of vitamin and hormone compounds.

  • Deficiency Correctors

  • AFTERFRUIT - Deficiency Corrector

    AFTERFRUIT - Deficiency Corrector

    AfterFruitis a nutritional deficiency corrector for post-harvest application. The micronutrients are formulated with penetrating agents promoting uptake.AfterFruitis recommended to provide the crop with an improved nutritional state during the subsequent sprouting and improve bud quality.

  • CALCIFRUIT - Calcium Deficiency Corrector

    CALCIFRUIT - Calcium Deficiency Corrector

    CalciFruit is a fertilizer formulated with calcium from high concentration and purity raw materials. The calcium supplied provides fruit firmness by improving cell wall structure, extending fruit and vegetable post-harvest period. Recommended in prevention of rotting, fruit splitting,bitter pitin apples,tip burnin lettuce, etc.

  • MADUREL - Colour Enhancer

    MADUREL - Colour Enhancer

    Madurelis a potassium-rich bionutrient, applied during the ripening stage. Madurelmaximizes colour in red varieties, provides consistent ripening and increases sugar content in fruit trees and table grapes. Prevents the side effects of synthetic hormones: does not reduce the quality or condition of the berries and rachis.