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Digidelta has developed a high level of expertise in creating the most reliable Information Systems for Government Entities with focus in the Agriculture and Veterinary fields. Digidelta has developed a considerable number of applications, being the PISA.NET, the Official Information System for Animal health in Portugal, the core product of the Company. Among others, SIAGRI and SIRURAL are good examples, the information systems used to manage the structural funds from the EEC by the local government in Azores for the development of agriculture and cattle breeding farms as for the excellence of our Products. Innovative platform streamlining collaboration between all players involved in the interior decoration field at a worldwide level

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Rua Lino António, Lote 44 R/C , Cruz D`Areia , Leiria 2410-055 Portugal

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Software vendor
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Agriculture - Livestock
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Globally (various continents)

When in 1989, Carlos Neves, the current CEO of Digidelta Software, was approached about creating an information system capable of managing the effective belonging to the Farmers Association in the little City of Torres Novas, he was far from imagining the success that the Computer Program for Animal Health (PISA) would achieve.
Carlos Neves began developing this system in 1989 using COBOL-based Operating System MS-DOS as the programming language. The development lasted a few months and its implementation was swift. In the same year, the Regional Directorate of Ribatejo Oeste, Dr. Silva Cordeiro, asked all the ADS in the country to draw up a list of all their holdings and stocks.

In an era where the IT in Portugal was still in its early stages, the ADS of Torres Novas managed to get distinguished from the others when they presented an impressive computerized list that contrasted with the handwritten lists prepared by other entities.

Impressed with the list obtained by PISA, the officers of the Directorate General of Forestry (now called the Directorate General of Veterinary Medicine - DGV), sought more information on the application. Already aware of the possibilities allowed by the system, they promoted an immediate submission of the application to everyone responsible for all Regional Directorates of Agriculture (DRA) in the country.
This meeting allowed for a good analysis of the actual characteristics of the PISA and caused a great impression on everybody present. The widespread interest in the system meant that it was immediately decided that new modules would be created to meet the needs of animal health monitoring within the scope of each ADS: The Laboratory module which would manage the results of laboratory tests and the introduction Record of Individual Animal.

Three years later the first version of the field solution was created. This important tool was designed to assist the veterinary intervention Brigades in their field work. Not only did it facilitate the integration of data collected in the field, but it also reduced the number of data entry errors into system. 1993 was also the year that marked the start of the remote assistance service by the Digidelta Software. This was an important resource for the immediate support of any problems.
PISA had become a key tool for the management and control of animal health in Portugal and in 1997 it adopted the Organic Law for Animal Health in Portugal by the DGV.