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DM Handling Systems are committed to producing quality sheep and goat handling equipment, keeping safety as our number one priority for the animal as well as the operator. Most farmers go through life pushing the limits of physical tolerance and in the process may cause back or other injuries to themselves or the animal. When we attend shows we often hear retired farmers say “if only I had that conveyor system during my time working the farm, I would still be farming to this day”. Make a difference to your children, employees, yourself and your livestock by working smarter not harder with a DM Handling system. DM Handling Systems have three patent application numbers for the EID conveyor system in Europe, New Zealand and Australia. We have invested a lot of time and money into our product to enable hands free EID reading, but, with or without EID, the system allows you to work with sheep or goats without any constraints and with minimal physical stress on both you and the animal.

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Wester Bowhouse Farm , Maddiston , Falkirk FK2 0BX United Kingdom

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Agriculture - Livestock
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Internationally (various countries)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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We are a Scottish company which has been making sheep conveyors since 1996.  Our focus is safety, customer needs and reliability.   We have a great team with a diverse skill set, combining engineering with a farming background which is invaluable in developing and testing our products to give you exactly what you need.

Leaders In Innovation

We first developed a weighing conveyor system 17 years ago in order to stabilize and weigh lambs for ultra-sound back-fat scanning in the commercial sector. With our new EID/weighing conveyor system we are able to read EID tags at the same time if required.


Each customer is an individual and we manufacture conveyor systems to meet individual needs. 

We lead the way in the industry for sheep and goat conveyors and have been designing, building conveyor systems for 17 years. The main reason we are the best? We listen to our customers and we produce what the customer requires.

When dealing with DM Handling Systems we try our best to make the journey of developing the right conveyor system a simple and stress free process. Once you have your DM Handling system, working with sheep and goats becomes more of a pleasure than a chore and you will feel like it’s not “just another piece of kit”.

When we ask ourselves how we can improve the conveyor systems, the topics that we consider the most are not only safety for the operator and the animal, but also reliability and ease of use based on customer feedback.