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  • Weighing Products

  • Tru-Test - Model EziWeigh5 - Indicators

    Tru-Test - Model EziWeigh5 - Indicators

    The EziWeigh5 has a large 35mm display with a super bright white LED backlight to make it viewable in all conditions, from the brightest daylight conditions to darkness

  • Tru-Test - Model EZIUEIGH7 - Indicators

    Tru-Test - Model EZIUEIGH7 - Indicators

    Wireless communication with EID readers up to 100m away, or connect via cable. Records information against EID and VID tags. Calculates and displays an animal's daily weight gain since the previous session. Record notes for each individual animal. Stores up to 100 weighing sessions and 15,000 records. Summary statistics from the current and previous weigh sessions can be recalled in the yard. Speeds up drafting by weight, displaying up to 3...

  • Tru-Test - Model XR 3000 - Weight Scale Indicator

    Tru-Test - Model XR 3000 - Weight Scale Indicator

    Advanced EID compatible weigh scale indicator. Enables convenient, streamlined collection of data with automatic incrementing, repetition of common data and prefix. Simple downloading and uploading of files to PC makes analysis away from the weigh site easy.

  • Eid Systems

  • IDNOTE - Model VP500A - Hand Held Reader

    IDNOTE - Model VP500A - Hand Held Reader

    Reading tags fast and easy. That’s what the IDnote is developed for. Combined with it’s rugged waterproof design and simple one button it is the best in class handheld reader to use in today’s livestock. Numbers are read in batches and can be simple transferred to laptop/PDA by USB or Bluetooth.

  • Model VP 5002 - Hand Held Reader

    Model VP 5002 - Hand Held Reader

    V-Scan is the final stage in benefiting from RF animal ID. It combines reliable ISO tag reading with on the spot animal data display and user definable data input. Furthermore V-Scan enables easy interfacing with any PC/PDA software application via both USB and Bluetooth.

  • Model VP1850 - Hand Held Reader

    Model VP1850 - Hand Held Reader

    The Panel Reader is an antenna and reader in one. Easy to handle, install and use. For fixed installations or on the move. No RFID knowledge necessary for setup. The Panel Reader is made from robust material, 4 times more durable to abrasion than stainless steel. Also the panel reader contains LED indication which displays performance. Bright flashing LEDs for positive readings. Large memory capacity for up to 900.000 numbers. Numbers are stored with...

  • 6` Eid Conveyor

    6` Eid Conveyor

    Enable hands free EID reading, but, with or without EID, the system allows you to work with sheep or goats without any constraints and with minimal physical stress on both you and the animal.