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The Drip Store, drip irrigation products and systems. We are your friendly source for quality drip irrigation products, competitive pricing and professional help. We provide technical service, design and layout. Drip irrigation is the slow, precise application of water and nutrients directly to the plant root zone in a predetermined pattern. Also known as micro or trickle irrigation, drip irrigation helps maintain the root zone at ideal moisture level, encouraging the formation of deeper roots and more abundant foliage, at the same time saving water through reduced evaporation and runoff.

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980 Park Center, Ste. E , Vista , California 92081 USA

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Agriculture - Irrigation
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Nationally (across the country)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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In 1996, Peter Luchsinger came up with the original idea of an internet store for drip irrigation products, specifically designed for the homeowner, landscaper, and commercial grower. A staff with experience in micro-irrigation systems was gathered, and with much discussion and study, The Drip Store was born.

The Drip Store is located in sunny Southern California, amongst major drip irrigation manufacturers and suppliers. It thus has ready access to information and products, as well as to technical advice.

From the start The Drip Store concept was to create an old fashioned store, using modern technology, where customer service was first, and the best prices and quality would be offered, along with good useable information.

Some manufacturers make certain products better than others. We buy the best-of-the-best from the various suppliers. This way our customers have the satisfaction of knowing whatever they purchase from The Drip Store is the best that is available. Our staff has tested and/or used all of the products you see at The Drip Store.

With hard work and care, The Drip Store opened in March 1997. We listened to our customer's needs, and since the beginning we have continually added to our product line. You will continue to find all the newest, latest, and greatest drip irrigation devices available. There has been a great response by the manufacturers, and with the growing need to use water wisely, there will undoubtedly be continued innovative technological advances; you will see these in The Drip Store.

By listening to our customers and their needs we are continuing to grow. Our efforts have been rewarded with returning customers, and their loyalty has allowed us to have the largest single source drip irrigation site on the Internet.

As we develop, we are looking forward to the challenges and the changes they bring. There will be continuing revisions such as additional stores, new product categories. Improvements in shopping experience, and much more! Make sure to bookmark us! Check out our updates.

Drip irrigation is the slow application of water directly to the plants' root zone. Drip irrigation helps maintain the root zone at ideal moisture level, encouraging the formation of deeper roots and more abundant foliage, as well as saving water with reduced evaporation and runoff. For more about drip irrigation click here. Drip irrigation can be used in home gardening, vegetable gardens, commercial landscapes for above or subsurface, in agriculture for row crops, orchards, in greenhouses for pots and baskets and nurseries for benches.