Dura-Cast Products, Inc. is Florida’s premier rotomolder of custom plastic products. Rotomolding plastics, we manufacture and sell high quality products to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), distributors, dealers, and consumers. Learn more about our products and our custom design solutions for specialty applications. Proud to manufacture plastic products in the USA, Dura-Cast manufactures products exclusively using ‘rotomolding’ technology that allows for molding large, hollow containers of just about any plastic shape or size. In fact, some of the larger tanks can only be manufactured using rotomolding manufacturing techniques. Many of our customers have approached us with nothing more than an idea on a sheet of paper. From their original sketch, through engineering and rendering, through to custom mold production, the process is both interactive and inclusive to ensure our client’s needs are surpassed and we deliver a top quality product that far exceeds their expectations.

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16160 Hwy 27 , 
Lake Wales , Florida 33859 USA

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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Rotomolding Plastics for the Future

Dura-Cast was founded in 1956 to produce durable plastic products using a manufacturing process known as rotomolding. Specialized rotomolding machines provide for multi-axis ‘rotational molding’ which is the process of forming a hollow, plastic container with an even wall thickness in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

Their first polyethylene plastic products were rotomolded for the local cattle industry. With the plant centrally located in Lake Wales, Florida, Dura-Cast produced lick feeders and feed troughs through the mid 1980’s. In 1987, Bruce Orcutt, the current owner, acquired the company and expanded the company product line as they started rotomolding polyethylene water and holding tanks for Boston Whaler and Sea Ray boat builders.

Dura-Cast grew and quickly became known by the Florida boatbuilding industry for its quality products and customer responsiveness. Since those early days, most of the well-known boat and yacht builders located in the southeast use Dura-Cast rotomolded water and holding tanks. Due to our leadership under, Dura-Cast is proud to celebrate a quarter century of growth under the guidance of the Orcutt family.

As Dura-Cast became known as a rotomolder of plastic products, other Florida-based companies approached the company to provide plastic products for their needs. This required the company to expand its expertise and the number of rotomolding machines. These specialized rotomolding machines provide for multi-axis ‘rotational molding’ and were acquired and installed to meet the increased demand for standard Dura-Cast products and the growing custom products division.

Dura-Cast takes pride in working with numerous clients throughout the United States and abroad to ensure that their concepts are brought to reality. Key personnel have been added to expand Dura-Cast’s existing rotomolding expertise and the combined knowledge and dedication they bring will ensure a quality, rotomolded product that will last. Dura-Cast can provide a ‘one-of’ custom product or several hundred or thousand of the identical product – all meeting the same quality and production standards they have built their reputation on. If you need a poly-plastic product in a custom or unique shape or size, you should definitely consider a Dura-Cast rotomolded plastic product.

Dura-Cast outgrew its original location on Rte 60 and moved to a new and expanded facility on Highway 27 in Lake Wales. Situated on 14 acres, the company is poised to grow on this site for the remainder of this decade. There are presently over 40,000 square feet of manufacturing space. The site also houses facilities for raw material storage, blending, and processing; product finishing and quality inspection, classified manufacturing and storage, enclosed and outside warehousing, executive offices, quality testing, and plastic recycling and re-use. The Dura-Cast transportation division provides custom trucking services to meet the demanding delivery schedules of our customers.

The company manufactures, distributes, and sells a number of product lines under its own Dura-Cast product logo. These product lines include industrial tanks for potable water, chemicals, liquids or granulated solids; water and holding tanks for marine, general purpose, and RV use; agricultural products for the cattle and citrus industry; carts and trucks for the linen and laundry industry; rigid polyliners and roll-out trash containers for the refuse industry. These product lines are sold directly to end users or to resellers and distributors for resale.