DVS BioLife Ltd

The Company is in the forefront of probiotic research in the country and pioneers in novel herbal extracts. The Company is also producing probably first time in the world, ionized minerals embedded in a matrix of near Nano size amino acids and further bioencapsulated, in a colloidal suspension. The company is also into production of microbial enzymes etc. Employing these basic inputs, the Company offers inputs and solutions in the areas of Animal Nutrition, Healthcare, Waste Management, Pollution Control etc.

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Address: 154/A5, SVCIE, IDA, Bollaram, Medak Dt., Telangana , Hyderabad, 502 325 , Country: India India

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Industry Type:
Environmental - Site Remediation
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

About Us


DVS BioLife Ltd is a leading manufacturer of wide range of Probiotics.

Ours are 100% free of genetically modified organisms (GMO-FREE). The uniqueness of micro-organisms and their often unpredictable nature and biosynthetic capabilities, given a specific set of environmental and cultural conditions, has made them likely candidates for solving particularly difficult problems in the life sciences and other fields as well.

The various ways in which our micro-organisms have been used over the past 10 years in the arenas of  medical technology, human and animal health, food processing, food safety and quality, mining, metallurgy, environmental protection, agricultural biotechnology, and more effective management of  of industrial, agricultural and municipal solid and liquid wastes provide a most impressive record of achievement.

DVS BioLife Ltd is a knowledge-based enterprise, where novel concepts are evolved based on tradition, systematic and scientific analysis of the scenario and merging of many sciences into one without bias. 


We emphasise in research, development, study, manufacture and marketing of unique safe and sustainable products and services of highest utility value. 

Our main asset is our dedicated team and with our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, modern built R&D units and well equipped Quality Control Laboratory, our team is making it possible for the launching of ever novel, successful and safe alternatives which replace Antibiotics, disinfectants, sanitizers, inorganic minerals and Harsh Chemicals. We are very proud of our asset.

The key competitive strengths of our team lie in forecasting the problems of each industry involved and ability to offer timely solutions.

We never tire and retire from our search and research and in undertaking field trials of existing and new products to validate and support future development

We live and love to accept and meet the challenges of the industry.





Company name:                      DVS BioLife Limited

Address:                                  154/A5, SVCIE, IDA, Bollaram, Medak Dt., Telangana 

CITY:                                        Hyderabad, 502 325

Country:                                   India

Telephone:                              (+91) 98 - 8544 6278

Facsimile:                               (+91) 40 - 6632 6278

E-Mail:                                    dr.vijay@@agrilife.in            

Website:                                 www.dvsbiolife.com


Geographic market     India, South Asian, European, South Africa, Middle East.

No.of employees:        25 people

Year established:        2004

Buseniss  Profile:                    Manufacturing of Microbes for use in

And several formulations used in Agriculture, Animals, Humans, Environment etc


More than 225 Beneficial microorganisms

Sourced globally like ATCC, DSM, BCC, IFO, CBS, CABI, CCC, CCUG, NCIM, MTCC

Useful in Human pharma, Animal Nutrition and Healthcare, Agriculture, Waste Management, Mining and Metullurgy

Both SmF and SSF are employed

2 Million CFU/g to 200 Billion CFU/g


Toxin Binders, wet Litter Management, Herbal Liver Stimulants, Fly and Maggot Controlling, Amino Acid producing Direct Fed Microbes, Phosphatase Secreting DFM, Gut Acidifiers, Gut Probiotics, Growth Promoters, Proteinated Minerals


Microbial Galactagogues, Cattle Mineral Mixtures, Gut Probiotics, Trace Mineralized Salt Licks.


Zoothamnium care, Protozoa care, Fungus care, Algae control, LB care, Vibriocare, Snail Repellents, Soil and Water Probiotics, Water probiotics, Gut Probiotics, Water pond pH reducers, DO improvers, Natural moulting Hormones, LSSCARE, WGDcare, Immuno modulators, Ectoparasiticides, Natural Antibiotic essential oils, Acriflavine, Plankton promoters,


Freshness preservation for Vegetables, Fruits and flowers, Wash room deodorants, Swimming pool and Spa water management, Snake Repellants, Fly and Maggot Controllers, Evaporation retarders, Microbial stain removers, Olive debittering, Lignin degrading microorganisms, Pesticide degrading microorganisms


Septic Tank Additives, Municipal Solid Waste Management, Waste Water Management, Effluent treatments, Grease Trap management, Oil spill management, FRAC WATER TREATMENT, Flocculants, Odour Removers, Hardness Reducers, BOD and COD Improvers, pH Reducers,