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At E. Bourassa & Sons, we have lots of reasons to be proud of our business. Our long history of serving our communities is chief among these. With a history of 88 years (and counting), we have an award winning track record of putting our customers first. It’s been that way from the very beginning. Since 1924, we have worked hard to provide our customers with everything they need. We've strengthened that commitment by striving to provide the best service to back each and every one of our products. Today, E. Bourassa & Sons continues to grow under the strong leadership and direction of the fourth generation of the Bourassa family. Lots of things have changed, but our core values remain the same - quality customer service, backed by honesty and fairness are the keys to our success.

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BOX 96, Highway 13 West , Soh Obo , Canada
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E. Bourassa & Sons Awarded New Holland Agriculture’s Highest Honor

New Holland, PA - E. Bourassa & Sons, has earned membership at all five of their locations in the exclusive New Holland Agriculture President’s Club. Membership in the Presidents Club, the highest company honor that can be attained by a New Holland Agriculture dealership, recognizes outstanding achievement in all facets of business management and customer satisfaction.

New Holland Agriculture President’s Club Award winners achieved levels in excellence in facilities, business management, sales, parts and service support, and customer satisfaction.

“President’s Club Award winners have worked hard to deliver exceptional service and support to their customers. We’re very proud to present this type of recognition to the best of the best. Let me assure you that anyone seeking to acquire agricultural equipment in this growing market will be well served by our very best New Holland dealers achieving these standards”. Says Franco Fusignani, President and Chief Executive Officer, New Holland Agriculture.

We are extremely proud of our history.  Since 1924, E. Bourassa & Sons. Ltd. has been owned and operated by a Bourassa, spanning four generations.  Ours is a story of hard work, family and dedication to getting the job done right every time for our customers.  We've been doing just that from the very beginning.   

The First Generation of E. Bourassa & Sons

Emile Bourassa was a successful grain farmer in the Lacadia district.   In the early 1920’s, he retired from farming for health reasons but did anything but slow down.  His retirement marked the beginning of a business that would continue to grow and prosper four generations later. 

Here are just a few highlights of how we started:

  • In 1924, Emile bought John Carlson’s coal and wood business in Radville, Saskatchewan.
  • New merchandise was added, including everything from flour and feed to wagon wheels, neckyokes to Maytag washing machines.
  • Emile offered the area’s first mobile laundry service, mounting a Maytag wringer washer to the front of his Buick sedan and traveling from home to home offering use of the washing machine for 50 cents.
  • During difficult economic times, Emile took horses and other livestock on trade for appliances and machinery.
  • Massey Harris equipment was offered.
  • John Deere equipment was offered.
  • Oliver Cockshutt equipment was offered.

The Second Generation of E.Bourassa & Sons

Emile Bourassa had 11 children.  All of them worked for him in one capacity or another, whether it was weighing coal, counting nuts and bolts or selling flour and feed.  However, 2 of his sons showed a particular affinity for the family business, leading to the formation of a new partnership between Emile and his sons Albert and Romeo in 1948.

Here are just a few highlights of this period:

  • Product lines and merchandise continued to grow.
  • Albert displayed an inventive genius for business and found many ways to keep the business growing during the lean years after the war.
  • The business began converting farm tractors from steel wheels to rubber tires.
  • A grain hauling service to Weyburn mill was offered to south Saskatchewan farmers.
  • The service shop continued to expand.
  • Morris Weeder equipment was offered.
  • Emile’s health declined and the three-way partnership was dissolved.
  • Albert purchased the business in 1950.
  • Emile passed away in Phoenix, Arizona in 1953.

The business took off in new and exciting directions under Albert's vision.  Some highlights of this period include:After Emile’s death, Albert and his wife Madeleine incorporated E. Bourassa & Sons Ltd. and continued to nurture the growth of the company.  Although this was a time of significant expansion for E. Bourassa & Sons Ltd., Albert and Madeleine never strayed from the values that built the company:  that the needs of the customer come first.

  • Albert started installing hydraulic truck hoists on farm trucks.
  • Albert began manufacturing PTO drives for hammer mills which were shipped throughout the province.
  • Madeleine became the full-time bookkeeper.
  • Following a parting of the ways with John Deere, many short-line farm equipment franchises were added.
  • Albert’s oldest son Dan became involved in the family business in 1964.
  • Albert’s son Richard joined the business in 1968.
  • Feed and hay were hauled for miles in every direction throughout the drought years.
  • Albert designed and engineered the famous “Bourassa 3-point Hitch” and its vast usability was quickly recognized, with unit selling as quickly as they were built.
  • The Bourassa 3-point hitch gained notoriety and was shipped throughout Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba, B.C. and the United States.
  • The business began manufacturing other items such as rock diggers and 3-point hitch cultivators.
  • Continued growth required expansion into a new facility south of Radville.

The Third Generation of E.Bourassa & Sons

Albert and Madeleine had 5 children – Daniel, Albert Jr. (Peter), Richard (Dick) Giselle and Suzanne (Sue). The family business played an enormous role in each of their lives, and in some cases, the lives of the people they would eventually marry. While Peter and Sue went on to successful careers in other business areas, Dan, Rick and Giselle remained actively involved in E. Bourassa & Sons Ltd.

Here are just a few highlights of their important contributions:


  • He completed a welding course in 1964 and began working for E. Bourassa & Sons Ltd.
  • Dan left the business in 1967 to pursue other endeavors.
  • From 1967-1974, he traveled throughout the U.S. as a custom combine owner/operator.
  • Dan became the Sales Manager of E. Bourassa & Sons Ltd. upon his return from the U.S.
  • He became General Manager in the late 70’s.


  • He enrolled in Tech School from 1969-1971, completing a course in mechanics.
  • Dick became E. Bourassa & Sons Ltd. one and only technician.
  • He diligently taught himself how to diagnose and repair just about anything.
  • A team of technicians was hired for the Radville shop.
  • Dick gained notoriety for his expertise on Versatile tractors and vast knowledge of hydraulic systems.


  • Giselle became involved in the family business in 1996.
  • She is currently the Office Manager of the Radville store


  • Dan’s wife became involved in the business in the 1980’s, cleaning, writing letters and filing paperwork.
  • She brought E. Bourassa & Sons Ltd. into the 20th century by introducing computers into the offices in the 1990’s.
  • Today, Cecile is the company’s Controller and Secretary/Treasurer.

At this time, Dan and Dick became the sole proprietors of E. Bourassa & Sons Ltd.. Soon after, Dick sold his shares to Dan and Cecile, allowing him to take over Dan-D Trucking Ltd. in Radville.By the late 1980’s Dan and Dick began taking over the business as Albert stepped back to enjoy winters in Arizona with Madeleine.  In 1999, Madeleine passed away suddenly, followed by Albert in late 2001.

While Dan became the sole owner of E. Bourassa & Sons Ltd., many family members were involved in the company’s evolution during this time, including:

Dan and his team recognized the need to diversify and saw the ideal opportunity to do so with the closing of Jones Implements in Pangman. In December of 1996, E. Bourassa & Sons Ltd. opened its third shop. The fourth quickly followed in Assiniboia.

  • 3 of Albert’s brothers (Roland, Armand and Lionel)
  • Albert’s sister Marguerite
  • Armand’s sons (Ken, Kelly and Michael)

The Fourth Generation of E.Bourassa & Sons

Today, E. Bourassa & Sons Ltd. is owned and operated by Dan and Cecile, along with their three sons, Kurits, Dan Jr. and Doug and daughter Diane. Although Dan Sr. remains actively involved as the president of the company, he has largely handed the day-to-day operations over to his capable sons.  Together, the third and fourth generations of Emile Bourassa work as a team to manage the growing business. 

Some of the highlights of the company today include:

E. Bourassa & Sons Ltd. is continuing to grow and will expand as the need and opportunity arise.  For now, however, our thriving business will keep right on doing what we do best and that is to provide the highest possible level of customer service to our farming partners. Even as E. Bourassa & Sons Ltd. expands, its core values have not changed since 1924 when Emile began the business - quality customer service, backed by honesty and fairness are the keys to success.