eAgronom is developed together with producers, making it highly useful and user friendly. eAgronom is an intuitive farm management system that allows farmers with a low tech skill to plan, manage and analyze their activities in one place in the simplest possible way. We bring existing, complex technologies to farmers within an intuitive UI. We take pride in being extremely customer-focused and completely data-driven. We believe in helping farmers around the world to grow high-quality grain in a profitable and sustainable way. eAgronom is disrupting the current state of agritech. This is a trillion dollar industry where old behemoths selling outdated desktop software still rule in a highly competitive landscape. We started 6 months ago and are now Estonia`s largest farm management software, grabbing 70% of the market. We aim to repeat this success in the rest of Europe and then the world.

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It all began because one farmer had a problem and his son wanted to help him out

Robin's father, Rubert needed a good solution to manage his farm. They explored the market, but couldn't find anything they really liked. Robin isn't a developer, but he is a man of action, so he thought: '**** it!' and wrote a computer program for his father himself. When the yearly agricultural inspection came in, they were stunned. Their reaction was “Wow! Where did you get this? You should go to market with this, it looks really useful”.

It turned out, that other farmers had the same problem

So eAgronom started with 3 people on September 25th 2016. 20 days later we released MVP. 6 months later we captured 70% of the Estonian market. Now we are on our way to triple digits. We are active in Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Germany and we have raised 450 K. By the end of this year we are planning to have 1 M of revenue and the target market is 3 trillion €. It has been absolutely insane!

eAgronom users are currently providing food for over 3 million people

Food production is the biggest industry in the world, the foundation of mankind, and we are lucky to be a part of it. Thousands of farmers trust our solutions and technological advice. We are honored, that they have chosen us as their gateway to technology. We want to use this position and empower farmers with technologies of the digital age, and eventually automate the entire food production.

The richer the farmer the cleaner the environment

A good example is crop protection products - one of the top sources of pollution of food and the environment. Did you know that it is also one of the biggest expenses for farmers? By reducing the amount of pesticides without loss in yield healthier and safer food can be brought to us. It would also reduce water pollution, CO2 levels, improve soil sustainability and give farmers the chance to live happier lives.

The eAgronom effect- small change in eAgronom - big change in theentire world!

2017-2018 mission

  • Have a positive effect on food production for 100 000 000 people
  • Bring eAgronom to every farming machine in Europe

Our vision

  • Help farmers and their families
  • Provide quality food for humanity
  • Stop climate change

Freedom and Responsibility

High performers hunger for freedom, not rules. We offer unmatched freedom to our people in every aspect possible and we are people who take ownership and responsibility for our actions. We self-discipline and appreciate independence.

Context, not Control

As companies grow, they naturally strive toward control. We believe high performers work best when when they call the shots. A leader’s job is to give the context for high performers to do what they do best. With context and ability to call the shots, high performers can focus on solving problems, not fighting bureaucracy. The only way this sort of management is possible is with the best people. We hire only the best.

User value driven

We are genuinely customer value focused. A lot of companies say they focus on the customer, but they often focus on the competitor, profit or some other aspect of business. We are focused on creating value for our users. This is the highest priority. In everything we do, we are always thinking: 'What value does this bring to our user?'. This is the prime driver in every decision of the company.

Learning and growth

One of the most important things a company needs to offer is the ability to learn and grow. A company should be the next stage after school or university. It should keep you hungry and always asking for more. Learning is an essential part of innovation. When you stop learning, you stop caring and it's time to move on.

The weirdest thing about these cultural aspects is that it's really true. That's actually what we are, not some corporate BS - Mats Johanson

Focus on Results

The effort that goes into achieving our goals is not what counts. The personal relationships with leaders is not what counts. Following process rigorously is not what counts. What counts are results and results only. Being resourceful and clever to have maximum impact with minimum amount of time is what counts. Results. No matter what - even if it means breaking rules or defying leaders.

Have fun!

Work is at least 1/3 of your life. We want to enjoy our life. We want to enjoy working towards big goals. We find tackling challenges fun. We make fun of each other. We work together and we celebrate our success together. We like people who have interesting hobbies outside of work and who don't live to work. We make fun of everything and everybody. Nothing is off the limits, except personal attacks.

Brutal honesty

Bad news has to spread fast. If it doesn’t, we can’t fix it. We admit our mistakes and learn from them. We ask the hard questions and promote transparency.

Respect and support

We are an international team. People from different cultures and backgrounds - cultural differences are bound to spark conflicts. Respect and support for each other is the foundation of excellent teamwork. Respect and support is the foundation of a great customer experience.

Innovate fast, collect feedback

Focus on rapid recovery, not avoiding mistakes. The faster we get our ideas out in the world, the faster we can collect feedback. We praise action-bias over decision paralysis. Often you need to make a choice with having only 70% of the information. Waiting for 90% of information usually means you are already too late. Move fast. Break things.

When cultural aspects were created.. I didn't feel like I was supposed to do anything differently. It's what we have always been about - Kristjan-Julius Laak

The best thing about working in eAgronom is constantly hearing how we make farmers' life better every day. Farmers visit our office, talk in trainings, write to support how we have really made an impact in their lives. They dream with us of the vision of the future where farming will be simpler and smarter. What inspires everybody here is the fact that if we are successful, we can truly have an impact on the entire world. By making grain farming more efficient, the entire world will be richer, more sustainable, and environmentally friendly.

Be a part of a revolution in the agritech industry and help change the way food production is run all around the world!

You would become the expert between farmers and product team. Your results would be input for all the improvements and feature developements. More specifically, you would be collecting domain knowledge (doing business analysis), understanding current problems with the product, researching solutions for UX problems and designing solutions for those problems. The job requires communication, UX and design skills.


  • Doingresearchfor collecting domain knowledge in highly analytical manner from users and domain experts.
  • Doingfeature analysisto map out user problems and expectations.
  • User-testingprototypes with farmers in Estonia and around the world.
  • Sketching wireframesfor user testing of possible solutions.
  • Designing prototypesand possible solutions.
  • Meeting farmers in real life for all the above.
  • Organising domain knowledge in central wiki.
  • Working with developers and iterating on results.
  • Analysing the product changes and mapping out the hard spots.

The ideal candidate

  • Excellent communicative skills and high empathy.
  • Previous experience with UX and design.
  • Analytical and creative thinking.
  • Willingness to be extremely customer focused and data-driven.
  • Excellent Estonian and English skills.
  • Owns B-category driving license.
  • Lives or willing to relocate to Tartu, Estonia.
  • Bonus points for grasping qualitative research and business analysis - user interviews, mapping user problems in IT domain, testing prototypes.
  • Huge bonus: Has worked professionally as graphical designer, has experience with prototyping and front-end development.

In eAgronom we offer

  • Massive learning opportunity in fast-growing startup. Startups are the best place to learn - and we strongly encourage learning. We have the best coaches and culture around! Read more in 'Our culture' and 'Our team'
  • Company that you can always rely on - we are here to help each other out!
  • Work on a product where quality and customer comes first and quantity is second.
  • Interact with top talent in a small and focused team - you will always have somebody to learn from!
  • The great challenge - how to make web application accessible to users with low to high techical skill aged between 20 and 70.
  • Autonomous working environment with flat management - we strive for all engineers to be as autonomous and creative as possible.
  • 100% free working time, just get the work done. No hour counting! Of course this means that you can work for 16 hours per day, work from home, or take a day or two off when ever you want.
  • Unlimited vacation with only one principle - don't be a d***.
  • Any equipment you need for work (computer, phone, etc.).
  • Opportunity to impact the whole food production in the whole world!
  • Competitive salary along with ownership of the company.

Day to day you will engage with customers across multiple contact points and work creatively to make their experience better. You will actively contribute to our strategy, improve our product, create content, and learn something new every day.

You will be mapping customer problems, analysing and molding them into features. You will have a direct impact on how and what we will be building on our customers.