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Earth Alive Clean Technologies develops and manufactures a variety of state-of-the-art microbial technology-based products. We use the latest generation of microbial spores which, once blended with a carrier of other proprietary ingredients, allows us to formulate and patent innovative products that can tackle the most difficult challenges, once only reserved to environmentally harmful chemicals and additives. Above all else, Earth Alive products are some of the most environmentally respectful products manufactured today, and most importantly, our products pass the test of the most stringent environmental standards. For more information about the locations served, please contact : For agricultural products: Paola Correal ( and For Dust control: Marcelo Soutullo (

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9641 RUE CLEMENT , LASALLE , QC H8R 4B4 Canada

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Our Business

Earth Alive Clean Technologies uses the latest innovations in microbial technology to manufacture environmentally sustainable products which replace traditional harmful chemicals used in various industries. Our activities are focussed into two main business units: AgTech and Dust Control.

Soil ActivatorTM is a patent-pending, non-crop specific, CFIA approved microbial biofertilizer for the global $100B fertilizer market. Soil Activator is compliant with international organic standards, and the biological technology used in its manufacturing is at the cutting-edge of sustainable agriculture.

Soil ActivatorTM has demonstrated its effectiveness on numerous crops and is currently used on organic and conventional farming operations from Africa to Latin America, on a wide range of crops.
Dust Control in Mining

Earth Alive also commercializes its patent-pending, microbial dust control technology to the global mining industry. With the availability of the EA1 technology, the world’s thousands of operating mines no longer need to use harmful chemicals such as chlorides and petroleum derivatives to control harmful dust emanations. More importantly, EA1 can reduce upwards of 80% the billions of liters of water currently used yearly for dust control operations. Modern mining operations now have an environmentally sustainable alternative with the EA1 product, which is currently being rolled out on large scale use on mine sites from Africa to Latin America, in wide ranging types of mining operations.

Our Mission

Since its R&D inception in 2012, Earth Alive Clean Technologies is proving more and more every day, on various continents, that solid business and environmental sustainability principles, no longer need to be at odds, but can indeed be great and profitable partners.

Earth Alive and Sustainability

Naturally occurring microorganisms blanket the earth, and are in our water, soil, and in our bodies. They produce enzymes and other catalysts that accelerate and regulate biological processes related to the cycle of life, and help keep the environment in balance.

Earth Alive is all about harnessing this power of nature to unlock the potential of microorganisms and help us address issues raised by climate change and growing human consumption.

Earth Alive and our strategic partners have identified very specific microorganisms (called “environmental isolates”), which Earth Alive has developed into two game-changing technologies.

The first is our patent-pending, organic bio-fertilizer and biostimulant: Soil ActivatorTM. It contains a blend of three very specialized microbes and a synergistic active which, when applied to the soil, significantly increases and improves the health of crops. Roots grow longer and wider, allowing them to absorb more nutrients and water. This allows farmers anywhere in the world to produce a healthier, more robust crop in a way that is affordable and reduces their need for traditional chemical fertilizers.

The second is our patent-pending organic dust control technology: EA1. The world’s mines use an incredible amount of synthetic chemicals and fresh water to help process their ore and to keep the dust under control on their access roads, rock piles, and conveyors. Using water isn’t cheap – it is often difficult to supply, and is expensive to apply.

Our proprietary blend of microorganisms produces an extremely effective bio-polymer that seriously reduces dust on mining sites and access roads. The significance of this technology is that it allows mines to cut back on their water consumption by up to 80%. This savings makes great commercial sense for the mine operator, and the unused water is available for human and animal consumption and for agriculture.

Microbial technology offers innovative, sustainable, and economically viable solutions for the changing environment that affects everyone on earth – and that’s Earth Alive’s business.


Earth Alive Clean Technologies uses proprietary and patented technology to provide environmentally sustainable industrial solutions. The company works with the latest innovations in microbial technology to formulate and patent unique products that tackle the most difficult industrial challenges, once only reserved to environmentally harmful chemicals and additives.

Earth Alive’s continued collaboration with international leaders in agricultural testing and microbial technologies, as well as lead academic researchers, provides access to multidisciplinary expertise. It has allowed the development of innovative and scientifically sound technologies and continues to provide a pipeline for ongoing research and development.