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Easyfarm - Vertical Solutions, Inc

EasyFarm it`s time to make your life easier. Our goal is to provide the ag producer with farm and ranch software that will make record keeping easy while maximizing profitability. EasyFarm saves you time, money, and eases the hassle of farm record-keeping. All while providing in-depth reports, crop & field tracking, livestock management, and many more features. Our newest feature expands your crop record-keeping abilities to an Android device with EasyFarmHand.

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203 - 11th Ave WW , Minot , North Dakota 58701 USA
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Software vendor
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About Vertical Solutions
Vertical Solutions, Inc. is located in the great city of Minot, North Dakota - The Magic City!
The company was originally started as a result of some very hard work by George Spengler.

He began, in 1983, by writing an accounting program and calling it EASY-CHEK. This program was designed to keep track of income and expenses and help people balance their checkbook. His main focus was to make a program that would be easy to use yet powerful.

Over time George noticed that he was receiving more and more requests from farmers to be able to keep track of records specific to farming. As the amount of information and requests grew, he decided it was time to take EASY-CHEK to the next level, EasyFarm.

Using the interface of EASY-CHEK he took the accounting engine and modified it to keep track of farm accounting records. This transformation became the first EasyFarm program.

EasyFarm went through several evolutions over a period of years. George continued to improve the program by adding new features and enhancements.

In the tradition that George started many years ago, we want to encourage your input. Please let us know what your needs are and how we can make our products better.

EasyFarm uses a single-entry input approach when recording transactions. You input a single entry and it takes care of the rest. There's no closing months or posting transactions. Everything is done in real-time!

With easy input screens, powerful reports, and complete flexibility you will soon wonder how you got along without EasyFarm. You can purchase items like seed, feed, or chemicals - expense them and put them on inventory in one entry.

Whether it's crops, livestock, machinery, fuel, seed, or inventory, you can track it simply and easily in EasyFarm. The inventory module allows you to run beginning and ending balances for both dollars and quantities. Inventory is easily adjustable as you progress through the year.