Eco-Growth International Pty Ltd

Eco-Growth International Pty Ltd

Manufacturer of sustainable Granular & Liquid fertilisers. Established in 1992 Superior Fertilisers Mineral Facility began operations as a processing plant for Crushed Rock fertilisers resulting in the first commercial complete analysis rock dust mineral blends available to Australian farmers.

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26 Cooper Rd , Cockburn Central , Western Australia 6164 Australia

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Nationally (across the country)

By 1994 Superior Fertilisers designed and perfected the processing of these mineral blends in prilled (pelletised) form to facilitate on the farm spreading by means of conventional spreading equipment.
These alternative fertilisers were rapidly adopted by industry partners who marketed them as their own.

Eco-Growth  in Western Australia recognised the need and benefit of completing these products by the addition of beneficial biology in order to speed availability and unlock the products true potential.

During 2001 the incorporation of phosphorus solubilising bacteria and proprietary organisms  pioneered to become today’s biological fertiliser.

Merged  as one company Eco-Growth and Superior Fertilisers, in conjunction with Industry support, have now expanded distribution to the point where “Eco-Prime” and “SF Granular fertilisers” have become industry standard mineral based fertilisers with distribution throughout Australia.