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  • Attachments

  • Edwards - Model DH8300 - Front Mount 3-Point Hitch

    Edwards - Model DH8300 - Front Mount 3-Point Hitch

    The new Edwards front mount 3-point hitch enables you to mount many of your 3-point implements on the front of your tractor. Front mounting offers several advantages including the use of front and rear implements at the same time. That reduces the number of passes over the same ground plus it saves fuel and reduces man and tractor hours. The front mount 3-point hitch mounts easily and quickly to the tractor and works with many 3-point implements.

  • Edwards - Model BS8310 - Brush Spider

    Edwards - Model BS8310 - Brush Spider

    The Model BS8310 Brush Spider is an ideal companion implement for the Edwards Front 3-Point Hitch. The Brush Spider is designed for sweeping leaves, pruning's and other debris from the tree row. The unit combines with weed sprayers, shredders and tillage tools for efficient single pass operation. When used with a mid-mounted spray boom, the clean sweeping allows herbicides to be sprayed directly on the soil. Sweeping around trees also helps eliminate...

  • Edwards - Model BS8320 - Brush Spider

    Edwards - Model BS8320 - Brush Spider

    The Model BS8320 Edwards Double Brush Spider now enables you to clean around vines and between vines in vineyards without extra tractor trips or hand raking. The Brush Spider sweeps prunings, leaves, and other debris away from rows and into the path of your mower, shredder or rotary tiller. It is built with durable polyurethane sweeping fingers to provide long life with action that is gentle on vines and posts. The unit attaches easily and quickly to...

  • Model TPB500 - Brush Rake

    Model TPB500 - Brush Rake

    The EDWARDS BRUSH RAKE is made to push brush and debris from the field and features a floating design that allows the heavy duty teeth to follow the contour of the ground without digging in.  It can be mounted to a loader, forklift or the three point hitch.  If you have a problem with brush removal, here is a rugged heavy duty brush rake you may be interested in. This rugged heavy duty Brush Rake is made with high...

  • Mowing Equipment

  • Model HM7400  - Highway Mower

    Model HM7400 - Highway Mower

    Here is the ideal side mount mower for the highway right of way mowing and other tough mowing jobs. The Edwards HM7400 Series Highway Mower is designed to adapt to a wide variety of agricultural and industrial tractors. Mounting permits complete flexibility for shoulder and median mowing. The direct coupled hydraulic drive provides shock absorbing power transmission with overload protection. A mechanical safety control device shuts off and prevents...

  • Model FM7400 Series - Flail Mower

    Model FM7400 Series - Flail Mower

    Available in 5, 6, 7, and 8 foot cutting widths. Built heavy duty for the toughest jobs. Knives mounted individually for easy replacement or sharpening. Large diameter roller adjusts to carry mower and desired mowing. height. Industrial double edged knives. Power band drive gives maximum drive and absorbs shocks. Fail safety - full length drape. Convertible center or offset drive. An ideal companion for the Edwards Highway Mower.

  • DYNA TRIM - Model DT5420  - Hydraulic Driven Mid Mounted Low Profile Mower

    DYNA TRIM - Model DT5420 - Hydraulic Driven Mid Mounted Low Profile Mower

    The Edwards Model DT5420 Dyna Trim is a hydraulic driven, mid mounted, low profile mower designed for trimming around trees, posts, sprinkler risers, or other obstacles. The mid mount position permits combining the Dyna Trim with any three point mounted or trailing mower of sufficient width to overlap the mowed area of the Dyna Trim. The 31 inch blade cuts 2 inches inside the outer protective tire. The Dyna Trim moves around obstacles either by...

  • Forklifts

  • Edwards - Model TP6400 - 3-Point Trans-Porter Forklifts

    Edwards - Model TP6400 - 3-Point Trans-Porter Forklifts

    The EDWARDS 3-POINT TRANS-PORTER fastens to the three point lift of most tractors.  The    trans-porter    is a low cost carrying device designed to lift and carry bulk bins, feed, baled hay almost anything including other implements.  Available for either category 1 or 2.  Choose from 7 different models from 1500 to 3500 pound capacitys.

  • Edwards - Model LF800 AND LF 1500 - Loader Forks

    Edwards - Model LF800 AND LF 1500 - Loader Forks

    The EDWARDS LOADER FORKS converts a bucket loader to an efficient front end fork lift.  A unit is available for most popular loader models.   6 different models to choose from 800 to 3500 pound capacitys, fixed or adjustable forks.  Edwards has the loader fork for your application.  Side shift is available on the 2500 and 3500 pound models. FIXED FORK POSITION FOR MAXIMUM ECONOMY Economically priced, the Loader Fork...

  • Edwards - Model TP83QG - Front Mount Trans-Porter Forklifts

    Edwards - Model TP83QG - Front Mount Trans-Porter Forklifts

    The Front Mount Trans-Porter is constructed of the same high quality materials as the rear mount. It can be used in conjunction with the rear mount Trans-Porter to carry a total tractor load of two bins... or to take the place of a dead weight counterbalance to make a more profitable pay load for a rear mount Edwards Trans-Fork. The EDWARDS FRONT 3-POINT HITCH combined with the Edwards 3-Point Trans-Porter.  Install a Trans-Porter to the...