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- Model BS8310 - Brush Spider



The Model BS8310 Brush Spider is an ideal companion implement for the Edwards Front 3-Point Hitch. The Brush Spider is designed for sweeping leaves, pruning's and other debris from the tree row. The unit combines with weed sprayers, shredders and tillage tools for efficient single pass operation. When used with a mid-mounted spray boom, the clean sweeping allows herbicides to be sprayed directly on the soil. Sweeping around trees also helps eliminate the mouse habitat. The Brush Spider uses durable polyurethane sweeping fingers to provide long life with action that is gentle on trees and irrigation risers.

  • Attaches quickly and easily to Edwards Front Mount 3-Point Hitch for good visibility and maneuverability.
  • Cleans ground between rows for efficient chemical application.
  • Gentle on trees and irrigation risers.
  • Variable speed hydraulic controls match speed of rotation to varying conditions.
  • Removes nesting materials and ground covers to control mice.
  • Saves man hours and tractor hours.
  • Sweeps brush and trash away from trees and cleans in between orchard rows.
  • Polyurethane fingers provide long life with gentle action.

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