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  • Egedal Nursery - Sowing/Soil Treatment

  • Egedal - Bed Harrow with Crumbler

    Egedal - Bed Harrow with Crumbler

    Prepares the perfect bed. The working depth is adjusted with only one handle. Slim spring tines for every 5 cm of the working width. Standard three-point hitch

  • Nursery - Transplanters

  • Egedal - Model Type C - Furrow Machine

    Egedal - Model Type C - Furrow Machine

    Furrow Machine for making plant furrows for transplanting by hand. Variable furrow-depths and numbers. 3 different furrow widths. Rotation of shares by means of PTO shaft. Standard three-points hitch

  • Christmas Trees and Forestry - Transplanters

  • Christmas Trees and Forestry - Crop Tending

  • Egedal - Flexweeder

    Egedal - Flexweeder

    Flexweeder for mechanical weed killing in established crops. Great capacity. 590 mm long elastic tines with central adjustment of the tine  angle. Cleans between the plants in the row. Standard three-point hitch.

  • Power Weeder

    Power Weeder

    Mechanical weed killing - works across the planted bed. Works in al soil types. Special spring tines. Cleans between the plants in the row. Standard three-point hitch.

  • Nursery Garden - Sowing/Soil Treatment

  • Egedal - Bed Former

    Egedal - Bed Former

    Lifts the bed up to 200 mm. Bed width is adjustable 1000 - 1200 mm. Strong construction. Can be combined with Egedal Bed Harrow. Standard three-point hitch.

  • Tractor Towed Stam Machine

    Tractor Towed Stam Machine

    Environmentally compatible soil disinfection of sowingand planting beds. Effective steam treatment in the wanted depth. Special steam shields for the best utilization of the steam generator. Steaming is extremely suitable for weed control and treatment against fungus.

  • Special Machines

  • Model RS 312 - Rasspe Bundle Machine

    Model RS 312 - Rasspe Bundle Machine

    Rasspe Bundle Machine for bundling of nusery plants. Strong bundle-machine. El-engine or tractor mounted. Variable bundle diameter. Standard three-point hitch.

  • Energy Planter

    Energy Planter

    Cuts and plants willow cuttings and the like in one operation. 2 or 4 row. Constructed with a 'drum-cut' system. Adjustable plant distance 20 - 65 cm. Operate with the means of PTO shaft and hydraulic. Standard three-point hitch.

  • Model K-250 / 300 - Compostmixer

    Model K-250 / 300 - Compostmixer

    Egedal type K 250 /300 is suitable for turning/mixing of compost heaper. The machine turning and mixing the compost material by the means of  a spiral drum; which lift is lifting and airing the material for optimal com- posting. Egedal compostmixer is driven by the tractor´s power take-off, standard with hydraulic fold of the drum unit for transport, standard with ballast tank and adjustable drawbar.