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Our machines are found virtually all over the world in a variety of contexts and as many different applications. We see ourselves as problemsolvers and innovators that deliver comprehensive solutions for our customers. Always taking into account the rigorous rules that apply for the food industry, but never without conceding a focus on cost-effective solutions. Curious about the hundred year old from Åstorp?

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Box 144, 265 22 , Åstorp , Skåne SE-265 22 Sweden

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Internationally (various countries)

We realize that the gifts of earth require extra care. There is a lot of work behind what is harvested and this must be handled accordingly. For some of our customers it is raw materials to be further processed, for others the products will be sold directly to consumers. Whatever the case, we always focus on careful handling at all levels.

Top quality on all levels, starting with ourselves

We develop, manufacture and market equipment for the potato, vegetable and food industry. The EMVE brand guarantees high quality, service and reliability-function based on the latest technology. Our machines are shipped all over the world and for many different applications. One day, we deliver equipment to a potatoe chip-plant in India, the next day we send our own technicians to install packaging machines at a customer site somewhere in Europe or in the United States.

In the year of 1916, you could hear the first hammer blows echoing from a small factory unit in Åstorp

It was the start of what today, 100 years and 4 generations later, is EMVE Sweden AB. We have for over a century delivered innovative equipment of the utmost quality for agriculture, not only in Sweden, but also far beyond its borders.

Bengt Andersson, Chairman of the Board

Bengt is the 3rd generation of decision makers in EMVE Sweden AB. It was Bengt’s grandfather, Edvin Andersson that founded the company in 1916. At that time, EMVE mainly worked with local farmers and served their agricultural machinery. This evolved over time to EMVE starting to construct and produce their own machinery. Agriculture in Sweden flourished during the second half of the 1940’s. The crowd of customers grew rapidly to include the region and subsequently the whole country.

Caroline Andersson, CEO

Today it is Bengt’s daughter, Caroline, who runs the company. Caroline has more or less grown up within the company and when it was time for Bengt to slow down the pace it came natural for her to assume her fathers mantle. “It’s incredibly exciting to steer the company in to a, for us, new century. The challenges are many and the competition is tough, but at the same time we have completely different possibilites to reach out with our products quickly. The world has shrunk thanks to information technology and we’re using that to our advantage.”