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  • Intake & Bulkfilling

  • Model RH2700 - Receiving Hopper

    Model RH2700 - Receiving Hopper

    The Receiving Hopper is built for side and/or backtipping. RH 2000/2700 are used for fast unloading by backtipping. Mod RH 12 S is used for sidetipping. The Receiving Hopper can be equipped with soilextractors and automatic boxfillers. It can also be connected to a bulk storage intake line.

  • Model RH K, RH S - Receiving Hoppers

    Model RH K, RH S - Receiving Hoppers

    Receiving Hoppers RH K, RH S for intake of potatoes, onions, carrots etc from trucks and trailers. RH 12K and RH 12S receiving hoppers are primarily designed for use with side-tipping trucks and trailers, but may also be used with rear-tipping vehicles. The RH 12K starts flat and then slopes. The flat section can be matched to individual requirements. The RH 12S consists of a number of sloping sections joined to one another. The number of sections can...

  • Model BF CE Series - Box Filler

    Model BF CE Series - Box Filler

    BF C box fillers are available in a number of different versions with various types of fall breakers. All models have automatically reversing conveyors with fall breakers at both ends. A sensor halts filling if the box is not replaced in time. Model BF CG is fitted with double pneumatically controlled fall breakers. Model BF CZ has double zig-zag fall breakers. Model BF CE is fitted with vertical drop elevators to ensure the most gentle filling...

  • Model BF CK - Box Filler

    Model BF CK - Box Filler

    Boxfiller BF CK for carrots, potatoes, onions and much more. The Boxfiller BF CK is designed primary for boxes wider than 1200 mm. One single conveyor, always with horizontal infed, goes down in to the bottom of the box before filling starts. This ensures extremly low drop and gentle handling. As the conveyor rises and slowly slides over the top of the box, the filling becomes optimal and no manual levelling of the product is needed.

  • Model RH 2400 - Intake Line Receiving Hopper

    Model RH 2400 - Intake Line Receiving Hopper

    Intake line RH 2400 for potatoe, carrot, onion and much more. The Receiving Hopper RH 2400 has a strong bottombelt 2,4 x 5 m. The heavy duty construction makes this machine extremely reliable. Capacity app: 10-80 ton/hour via SEW frequency controller. Adjustable and elastic tipping device with spring back system is standard. Different options are available, such as auto flow control, stairs and platforms, special designed sides, extended version etc....

  • Model BT - Box Turner

    Model BT - Box Turner

    Box Turner BT for emptying 600, 800, 2.000 and 4.000 kg boxes. The box turner is available in four different versions, BT 600, BT 800, BT 2000 and BT 4000 for emptying 600, 800, 2000 and 4000 kg boxes respectively. Operation is by means of a conveniently placed telfer handle. Boxes are emptied by turning them through approx. 135° round their central axes. A restraining sheet reduces the risk of spillage. The BT 800, BT 2000 and BT 4000 can be...

  • Wash & Grading

  • Model SE CC - Soilextractor

    Model SE CC - Soilextractor

    Soilextractor SE CC for potatoe, carrot, onion and similar products. Soilextractor for different products. Adjustable spring coils by hand crank, or motor. Can be produced with 6 or 8 rolls and in different widths to meet customer demands. The rolls are driven by 1 pc. motor.

  • Model BM - Brushing Machine

    Model BM - Brushing Machine

    Brushing Machine BM for brushing potatoes and other products. These machines are designed for brushing vegetables clean after a soilextractor. Two different versions are  available, offering different bypass methods where no brushing is required. Version G machines are fitted with a damper that can be opened for bypassing e.g. via a conveyor belt under the machine. Version V machines are fitted with a variator and feature minimum possible fall...

  • Model RT - Roller Table

    Model RT - Roller Table

    Roller Table RT for inspection and manual grading of potatoes, root vegetables etc. Roller tables are designed to rotate and distribute potatoes, root vegetables and other similar products, so that they can be inspected from all angles. Table construction has been kept low, to ensure ergonomically correct working stance. Tables are also available with double roller lines with a 200 mm waste and reject funnel between them.

  • Model G B - Belt Grader

    Model G B - Belt Grader

    Belt Grader G B for grading potatoes, onions, beet root etc. G B600 - B2700 belt graders are designed for grading potatoes, onions, beetroot and other similar products into two sizes. They are available in six different widths, to meet varying capacity requirements. Grading is with the help of an endless net belt. Under the belt are two agitators that shake the net, to ensure that the product is correctly graded.  Belt and agitator speeds can be...

  • Pack & Palletizing

  • Model W-5 - Weigher

    Model W-5 - Weigher

    These weighers are intended for weighing potatoes, onions and other similar products in batches of 0,5-5 kg 10 kg at the double weigher. They are available in different versions, featuring single or double scales. The separate fine and coarse feed with individually adjustable vibration and pneumatic damper make for accurate yet rapid weighing into predefined batch weights. Bag supporter can be adjusted to suit individual operators.

  • Model EXA - Multi Weigher

    Model EXA - Multi Weigher

    Weigher for fruit, vegetable and sallads. This weigher can be used for almost all kind of food quality products. Produced in versions with 8-10-12-14- or 20 weigh buckets. Cap. 50-150 pc/min. Smaller or bigger (1,5-3-5 liter) buckets, depending on products. Standard all stainless steel. Driven by stepmotors – no pneumatics required.

  • Process Line

  • Model Type USM-X100 - Onion Peeler

    Model Type USM-X100 - Onion Peeler

    The Sormac onion peeler USM-X100 combines easy operator use with a good reliability. The operator has within reach a rotating,mounted display panel with all the important functions at there disposal. Also shown is important information like capacity, numberof peeled onions, operating hours and malfunction identification.By means of a singulating chain the onions are transported from theinfeed hopper and positioned onto the flights of...