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Energrow manufacturers the most advanced and reliable farm-scale oilseed pressing systems on the market. Our mission is to be the leader in state of the art oilseed pressing solutions that enable farms to crush their feed costs and be more independent. Energrow does this by offering technology that makes high quality protein feed directly on-farm in the most consistent, efficient, reliable and user-friendly way possible. Energrow Pressing Systems enable farmers to reduce feed costs using soy, canola or other oilseeds which are pressed directly on-farm to produce a freshly pelleted high quality and consistent protein feed and value-added oil. Energrow Systems significantly reduce a farm`s feed costs, meaning less dependence on volatile market pricing. The oil produced from crushing the oilseeds can be filtered for use in feed, fuel or even food products, adding even more value to the crops.

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510 Rocher Rd , Listowel , Ontario N4W 0B2 Canada

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The Energrow vision is to help farmers achieve greater freedom.

We make this possible by offering state of the art oilseed pressing systems that are reliable, efficient, and user-friendly.

Our mission is to be the leader in state of the art oilseed pressing solutions that enable farms to be more independent.

We are dedicated to help farmers find their freedom: less dependence on market pricing, add more value on-farm and be more sustainable.

Jasmin Hofer, CEO of Energrow Inc. was awarded the 2010 Woman of the Year in Agriculture at the 12th Annual Optimism Place Women of the Year Awards held at the River Garden Inn in Stratford on Monday, October 18, 2010.  
Hofer was honoured with this award for her contributions in the area of agriculture and demonstrating her commitment to and the advocacy for improving the lives of women and/or girls in her community. 

“This event is about celebrating our successful women” said John Wilkinson, MPP Perth-Wellington.  Award recipients were selected based on their level of commitment, leadership ability, and breaking new ground or old barriers. Ms. Hofer was specifically honoured for her commitment to develop and grow her ground-breaking company, Energrow that designs and manufactures farm-scale oilseed pressing systems that enable farmers to add more value to their crops.