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Erskine Attachments manufactures high quality attachments for skid steer, mini skid steer, compact tractor and ATV/UTV equipment. The company is ISO 9001:2015 certified and distributes attachments through dealerships in the United States, Canada, and around the world. Our company, products, and service are recognized in the industry to be of the highest of quality, value, performance, and affordability. We truly are an industry leader! In September of 1999, Erskine was sold to the Bobcat company. They brought in numerous new attachment products such as trenchers, forks, grapples, angle brooms, landplanes, and snow blades. At the Erskine facility, Erskine produced over 6,000 attachments a year. Erskine thrived for two and a half years under Bobcat ownership.

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PO Box 1083 , Alexandria , Minnesota 56308 USA

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Manufacturing, Other
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Globally (various continents)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Erskine Attachments LLC is located in Minnesota. Founded in 1948, our company was one of the first companies in the world to pioneer and manufacture rotary and hydraulic snow blowers.

n August of 2002, Erskine continued manufacturing operations under new ownership and continues to experience tremendous growth. Our Research and Development team is working hard to design and develop many more new and innovative quality products in the attachment tool industry.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

We're pleased to operate under the stringent quality standards of ISO 9001:2015.


Purchasing quality equipment is an investment in your business. Making a wise buying decision is not always about the price of the product. Our primary objective is to give our customers prompt service and ongoing support while providing quality, reliable, trouble- free performing products that are affordable and value-oriented. This is our promise and commitment to you.

68 Years of Experience

In the long run, it has been our experience that producing high performing products just makes good business sense. Our commitment is to provide you with quality products that have outstanding workmanship and are durable, long-lasting, maintenance- free, dependable, and reliable. By offering and providing you with the best products possible, we can help you make sound investment choices for your business.

Freedom and Independence

Our attachments are universal and designed to fit most of the modern skid steers manufactured today. By purchasing our equipment, you will not be bound to any one skid steer manufacturer. So, if or when you decide to change brands, you will not suffer from costly trade issues. Our universal attachments are compatible with any brand you choose to use, so you can always take our attachments with you.

Industry Leading Customer Service and Support

It's easy to just sell products. But, a product is only as good as the service and support backing it AFTER the sale. Having a long-term business relationship with you and providing you with the very best service and support after the sale is just another reason why we are very proud to serve you, our valued customers.

Knowledgeable Product Specialists

Tired of dealing with sales people that are only concerned with their needs and not yours? Our dealers are here to serve YOU. They are industry experts who will give you prompt service, professional treatment, and the courtesy and respect you deserve. It is our promise that you will be dealing with credible and knowledgeable sales professionals who will help guide you to products that will best suit YOUR needs and budget. By being accountable to this high standard of integrity, our product specialists will enable you to make the right and most cost effective choices for your business – the first time.

Fast Shipping

We realize that time is money. The faster you receive your product, the better off you are. We offer a variety of shipping options to best suit YOUR needs. Contact your dealer for details. We usually have most of our products in inventory at all times.

Our Mission

Erskine Attachments is a business in ministry dedicated to the call of enlarging God's kingdom and being ambassadors of Jesus Christ. Our company exists to support, encourage, and equip the marketplace community to utilize Biblical Principles in their everyday lives. We desire to be good corporate stewards to our customers, employees, vendors, and the community. Erskine Attachments will provide the equipment attachment industry with a wide selection of products and services that offer quality, value, performance, and affordability. We want a long-term business relationship with our customers; always offering service and support that exceed their expectations. This is our commitment to you.