Eshet Eilon Industries LTD.

Eshet Eilon Industries LTD.

Eshet Eilon established in 1935, provides Turnkey solutions for the handling of fruits and vegetables, which include: Receiving, dumping, hot water treatment, cleaning, waxing and drying, sorting and grading, as well as packing. In conjunction with conveying systems, Eshet Eilon designs and manufactures modular sorting systems that apply the latest technologies available, insuring reliability and dependability. These turnkey solutions are developed and designed for a variety of industries and are made to order specifically according to each client's specific needs.

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Kibbutz Eilon, Mobile Post , Western Galilee , 22845 Israel

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Agriculture - Horticulture
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Globally (various continents)

Eshet Eilon  Established in the 1930's in the farming community of Kibbutz Eilon, Israel, Eshet Eilon has become a major supplier of agricultural machinery to the very intensive and advanced Israeli agricultural sector.
In the last three decades Eshet Eilon has focused on the fast developing market of packing house equipment, with the main focus on high precision electronic sizers.
world leading cup sizer can be found in almost 30 countries, all over the world, from Europe and the USA to South America, Asia and Africa. With high quality construction and metalwork with unique high performance electronics and software, some of our 25-year-old sizers are still in operation in many packing houses world-wide.
Eshet Eilon  Today's equipment is mostly constructed from stainless steel as part of Eshet Eilon's vision, seeing packing houses as food processing plants with high standards of sanitation and cleanliness.
With the increasing demand from supermarkets for high quality and accurately sized produce, over the years we have developed a line of special cleaning and sanitation equipment, as well as a state of the art vision system, providing the users an option to size by diameter and length, weight and colors. All is used with high sensitivity to produce soft and careful handling on various machines.
Eshet Eilon manufactures in house a complete line of equipment for packing houses for most fruits and vegetables, from dates and cherry tomatoes to the largest melons, from apricots and plums to peppers, tomatoes, avocados and mangos, from garlic to apples and persimmons.
The range starts at the receiving and dumping equipment, water tanks, washing and drying machines, waxing equipment, sorting tables, hot water sanitation systems and conveying systems to the top of the line electronic sizers of various types for most suitable handling of any fruit or vegetable.
With many years of experience in farming and in packing house operations, we tailor the best and most economical solution for each operation_s needs. With the proper combination of engineering, metal works, electrical and computer departments, we are proud to manufacture the most reliable equipment, giving the users the peace of mind and the best tools to manage their operations.
Being one of our kind in Israel, we are also involved in manufacturing equipment and conveying systems to the food manufacturing industry and others such as quarries, terminals, fish industry, petrochemicals and more.