EURO-TEC which is considered as the European pioneer in Hydroseeding, has progressively consolidated its position as the market leader in this business. Daily hard work leads to satisfied and loyal customers, EURO-TEC has been founded with a spirit of real synergy of human competences. Apart from being specialized in all aspects of the commercialization of equipment and consumables for Hydroseeding, EURO-TEC’s success is also based on the right choice when it comes to partnerships. Following the saying ‘Excellence excels’, EURO-TEC has been awarded the exclusive importation and distribution rights for FINN, international leader in the manufacturing of Hydroseeders.

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Z.A. Grandalisse, 148 Impasse vue du ciel , Colombier Saugnieu , 69124 France

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Having diversified its activities over the course of years, EURO-TEC nowadays proposes a complete range of products and techniques, offering its customers global solutions, innovating and performing.

From now on, EURO-TEC has taken up a new challenge: offering personalized options and solutions to any soil stabilization situation regardless of the geographical location.

Thanks to its constant capability of innovation and capacity in adopting new technologies, EURO-TEC continues its work on the international markets, where already 40% of turnover is ensured.


Already being consulted by customers in most of states of the European Union, EURO-TEC expands and enriches its know-how through activities in a large number of countries around the globe.

Thanks to various projects in Africa e.g. on road and pipe-line sites or in South-America on various landscaping jobs where EURO-TEC is confronted with new territorial challenges; there’s a constant need forEURO-TEC to adapt and develop new and different techniques.

So each new soil type or substrate represents another new opportunity for EURO-TEC to offer new seed varieties and seed mixes as well as new soil-conditioners.

All these different actions abroad are not only building and enhancing EURO-TEC’s notoriety, but also help creating human relationships and stimulate the exchange of know-how.


Intervening on Urban Sites (slopes in road and railway construction, mines and landfills, petroleum extraction sites, …) as well as on sites where Nature prevails (like riverbanks, ski resorts, gardens and parks,…), EURO-TEC always puts Respect for and Saving of the Environment as an absolute priority.

All of our craftsmanship has one goal: Nature and its development in all kinds of areas; be it the fight against soil erosion, establishing green roofs or eliminate weeds without the use of herbicides and pesticides, etc….

Thanks to the revitalization of spaces where Nature tends to decline, the greening of urban sites or even securing and sealing polluted sites, EURO-TEC seeks to restore the fragile ecological balance of each site where it intervenes.


Shared Projects – Joint Successes

EURO-TEC’s success is based on its team of specialists whose task it is to study the technical as well as the financial feasibility of various projects.

The EURO-TEC team comprises an engineering department (staffed with landscape, agronomic, geo-technology and hydra-geology specialists), a technical sales department (dealing with equipment, consumables and seeds) and specialized business partners (e.g. green space development and earth moving). This way, a complete project follow up is provided including on-site training and support missions, as well as in-situ verification of the final result.

Being perfectly aware that the success of a project concerns the company as well as the customer, EURO-TEC will always strive to create a real project and team spirit between its personnel and the customer.

Using a real collective intelligence which cultivates efficiency, solidarity and cross-linking, the EURO-TEC team strives to perform with the highest level of reactivity. Each team member therefore is able to assess and intervene in a customer’s project in order to add his competence to it and to be able to solve any technical issue that may arise on a jobsite in progress.

Looking at each customer as a real partner and concentrating all of its competences on the customer’s project, is what makes the difference at EURO-TEC.