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Everris’ Ornamental Horticulture section. In the horticulture market, it remains at the forefront using innovative technology that produces advanced solutions and high-end fertilizers. Everris delivers powerful controlled release and water soluble fertilizers like Osmocote, Peters and Universol. Professional growers know Osmocote Exact is a top fertilizer product and delivers optimal results. Since Everris has the most technologically advanced products available, we provide exactly what the plant needs to flourish and turn a good profit. Therefore Everris supplies all growers with what they need to get their plants in optimal condition.

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P.O. Box 40 , Geldermalsen , 4190 CA Netherlands

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Agriculture - Horticulture
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Globally (various continents)

The name might be new but our global product portfolios are renowned for their innovation, performance and advanced precision. We commend the relationships we create and maintain with distributors, growers, green-keepers and grounds-men.

Everris continues to deliver powerful and reliable products brands like Osmocote, Sportsmaster, Agroblen, Sierrablen and Peters. Everris is constantly striving to create innovative nutritional programs and complete solutions.

At Everris we pride ourselves in being a complete solution provider that specializes in ornamental horticulture, turf and amenity, and specialty agriculture. Even though our company name has changed, we are the same dedicated people who truly are driven by innovation and inspired by nature.

Our programs and solutions deliver healthy green turf, premium quality ornamentals, high-yielding crops and top quality fruits and vegetables. Through this we can deliver an answer to any customer’s demand.

Everris brings you the most technologically advanced fertilizers, nutritional programs, turf seed, growing media, and plant protection products available today, and is busy with working on those of tomorrow.

By helping growers produce better plants and create stronger, greener turf, Everris aims to maximize every customer’s return on their investment. Everris also aims to maintain balance and respect with the natural environment it is inspired by.

Everris provides the perfect solutions and the best fertilizers for growers to get optimum yield and aesthetics from their plants. From potting plants to outside container nursery stock, Everris has the proper nutrition and plant nutritional solutions that are tailored to fit the plants every need, and maximize their output.